Call me overamibitious.  Call me a dreamer. Call me just plain crazy if you like.  But I’ve signed up for the NaKniSweMoDo on Ravelry.

And what, you might ask is the NaKniSweMoDo?

You can ask that, but don’t expect me to pronounce it for you, okay?

The National Knit a Sweater a Month Dodecathlon 2009.

The idea is that participants have to knit one adult size sweater, vest or tank each month for the whole year.  It can be for yourself, or for someone else, but it must be adult size and you have to complete 12 projects.  Those are the only rules.  Some people are doing it entirely from stashed yarn – no, not me, my stash isn’t that big! (Honest).  Some are doing all sweaters, others are completing a number of UFOs as part of their 12.  So, it’s a fairly easy-going KAL, other than the task that has been set.  And the prize is, well, 12 completed sweaters of course!   You don’t have to do one a month – I pl

A group on TNN were discussing this as being a year of selfish knitting.  Well, I plan on being pretty darn selfish this year, as only one of the projects I am planning for the  NaKniSweMoDo is for someone other than me!  But, given I’ve had the yarn for a jersey for DH for nearly 18 months now, I am certain that there will questions needing to be answered if it isn’t done before the winter sets in. 

You don’t have to do one a month – I plan on taking a running start and want to get through 3 or 4 projects before February is out.  I have a dream of knitting myself a Thermal, but it’s in 4 ply on 3mm needles, I don’t want to knit it at the expense of reaching a total of 12!

The first project for me is a WIP that I set aside to get some Christmas knitting done – a Wicked in scrummy Merino Et Soie 10 ply I picked up for less than half price at Knitworld.  Wicked is a top down raglan sweater knit in one piece, by the clever Sarah and Rachel at Zephyr Style.   7 balls in light blue, which is why I chose to knit a Wicked – it’s fairly economical on yarn.  I knit two for myself last year, so it’s not something I desperately needed, and so I am  leaving off the front pocket and knitting the bottom section in the twisted rib and lengthening it for as long as the final ball of yarn lasts.  I am up to said final ball, and am doing the second sleeve (short sleeves) before continuing the ribbing. 

The next project that I want to start is another Zephryr Style design, Green Gables, knit from the Woolganics yarn from a recent co-op.  It is in my suitcase awaiting my needles – the only other sweater project I bought with me.  I can’t guarantee I won’t buy more yarn while I’m here in Christchurch though.  Other projects on the cards are a Ms Marigold in Merino Et Soie 8 ply (purple) and a sage green Mary Jane both Zephyr’s designs.  I need to knit a black cardigan for myself at some stage, but no idea what pattern, and I have the most devine purple Malabrigo I need some ideas for – I’ve 6 skeins so it’s enough for a full sweater project, I was leaning towards the Hourglass Sweater, but am not committed to the idea yet.  All suggestions considered!  I definitely prefer items knit in one, and don’t suit the cropped look, if that helps you decide!

Since the TNN KAL for a sweater last year, I have actually completed 5 knits for myself – the two Wickeds, a Shalom (bottom) , a Mary Jane (top) and a Juliet.  So I am not only developing quite a wardrobe of knits, but I think that I’ve undertaken some good training for the NaKniSweMoDo.  Wish me luck!


Picture 1310 by you.Picture 1177 by you.


1 Response to “NaKniSweMoDo”

  1. 1 Judy January 4, 2009 at 6:10 am

    Yes, here’s proof, you’re certifiable.

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