Last minute-itis

I have to admit that all too often, I leave things to the last minute.  Not stuff like Christmas shopping.  No, the insanity of Christmas Eve shopping doesn’t appeal to me.  The simple things, however, sometimes seem to wait until the last minute.  So, last Friday I not only packed up all the kids suitcases and my own, but I indulged in some last minute craftiness that really could have been done sooner.

For any TNNers reading, one of my two yarn swaps got dyed. Yep, early, but procrastination.

I finished off sewing three nappies for my youngest.  I had started them before Christmas, but needed to put on the snaps and sew up the tummy.  They are gorgeous poly print PUL which I had bought before she was born. In fact,  well before that, and at the time I didn’t know if she was a she or a he!  I used the medium Button Boo pattern which is a great fit on her now.


Then, since I’d been so good in finishing these, I made a wee needle book to go with my Tiny Happy Bag.  It was a simple matter of making some binding, and sewing in some felt ‘pages’.  This has been so handy to have with me while away – I have to admit my needles are usually on the arm of the sofa – certainly not somewhere I could carry them on holiday!  I finished it off with a wee applique heart.



It was nice to get both wee jobs done, and to have a few less things on the to-do pile.  Why is it that the mending pile is still there though?  And DS’s school uniform needs labelling – but I’m sure I can do that on Feb 6th.


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