Road Trip

We hit the road on Sunday morning to head further south for an overnight trip.  Certain members of the family were looking forward to going on the steam train at Pleasant Point .  Miss A had a nap in the car and opened her eyes to see a steam train puffing away, imagine her excitement!  She is totally obessed with Thomas the Tank Engine and all things train related, so she was stoked to ride the train, meet the driver and fireman, to check out real guard’s vans and ‘naughty trucks’.  While that was the highlight for her (and DH too!), I was rather pleased to find that The Tin Shed was right on our way.

It had to be a quick visit, but I was able to quickly decide on these two skeins of 4 ply Touch Yarn.  Such gorgeous colours, and just screaming out to be knit into socks – sooo soft! At 100% wool it’s not totally ideal, but I plan to knit some wooly nylon in to the heels and toes to make them last longer.


And while we were traveling, DH did all the driving, which meant I had (mostly) uninterrupted knitting time. So, my second sweater (Green Gable)  is progressing at a great rate. I also cast on for another pair of socks, with my Yarn Swap wool.  I didn’t have a pattern with me, and had read one I liked and tried to do this simple stitch pattern from memory. I like how they are turning out, but now that I read the pattern I see the difference. The only part I got right was the fact it was a 4 row pattern with two rows plain alternating with rows with some knits and some purls. But I got the sequence and pattern totally incorrect, so it looks as if this is another new pattern… totally unintentional this time. I guess I should see if anyone else has written this down before me though!  I think they are cute, and I will get knit the intended pattern another time!   This is what they look like so far.


We had the pleasure of staying with friends on Sunday night, and an awesome time was had by all.  Before we hit the road again, the kids indulged in a bit of water play, which was refreshing and wore them out – DD1 and DD2 both slept the whole way home.  And I knitted.  Ahh, bliss.


2 Responses to “Road Trip”

  1. 1 nova January 14, 2009 at 9:51 pm

    ooo purty yarn! 😀 and a very funky stitch pattern you’ve created there too!

  2. 2 Kelly January 16, 2009 at 11:24 am

    droooool…look at those touch yarns

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