An UFO no longer

When I packed my projects for our holiday, I rather optimistically included this wee cardigan for DD2.  I had started it some months ago and did all of the body, but struck a problem with the sleeves. I tried magic looping them, and they looked awful. I tried them on flats, intending to seam them. Same result.  Finally I got out my 30cm 4mm Addis and the end result is much more pleasing.  And even better, despite a delay of around two months, it fits!  I have promised the leftover cotton to a friend for a project, so was inspired to finish it before we headed back home. 261208-006


This is an improvised knit, from melding a couple of patterns together – a basic top down raglan, with the lace pattern from Juliet by those lovely folk at Zephyr Style.  I started with one pattern crunched some numbers to get a six month size, and made sure that the lace was even down the front – there are two repeats on each front and four on the back.  When it came time to do the armholes I picked up six stitches for each arm, to avoid any unsightly holes.  I knit this in the soft and lovely Bendigo Cotton (8ply) I bought a couple of years ago – I think this colour may have been deleted now, but it’s delightfully girly. (oh, and I made the dress too – just a simple pinafore in a cute paisley print, but that was done even before DD2 was born)


I finished it off with every baby’s favourite accessory – i-cords! Young DD2 just loves to chew on them. I figured they would withstand a bit of love better than a ribbon 😀

I think she seems pleased. Or maybe it was just chasing Mummy with the camera she liked 🙂


3 Responses to “An UFO no longer”

  1. 1 SweetP January 17, 2009 at 8:25 pm

    Very sweet indeed, what a lovely little summer knit. Makes me rethink what I might do with those leftovers lol…

  2. 2 Judy January 18, 2009 at 5:26 am

    So mobile! Go baby! She looks so sweet. I was admiring the dress in Rav and wondering if you’d made that too – way too cute for commercial wear!

    • 3 shortly24 January 18, 2009 at 11:07 am

      She is totally sweet! And talk about mobile – her latest trick is to ignore the fact that she can crawl, and try to stand up all-the-time. She was trying to let go this morning (gulp). You’re too young, sweet baby. Too young, do you hear me?

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