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Progress and Imperative

My third sweater project is flying along now that I have cast off the arms.  So many fewer stitches, definitely makes it easier.  I managed to knit a whole ball yesterday, although that was a pretty exceptional day.  A few more days should see it knocked off though.  Here’s a progress pic – the colour is all off, sorry! It’s a lot less pinky in real life.



And a close up of the leaf pattern…


So, as if finishing something to wear right away is not imperative enough, I’ve had some lovely mail.  I wasn’t sure if I was mad for signing up for Vintage Purls Summer Sock Club but it was a case of only 40 openings so I had to make my mind up quickly. I decided it was worth the risk (of being overcommitted) so I signed up.  It is a 3 month club, with three postings one month apart. This is what arrived for me this morning:


This month’s installment! I was hoping to be a bit further along with the Leaf T-shirt when it arrived, as I have serious project lust now!  The gorgeous blue yarn is unlike any others in my stash, and the cute wee bobby sock pattern looks quite achieveable for me.  It is a toe-up pattern, with a few interesting design features which will be fun to knit.  And some lovely extras are included – some sweet treats, and a cute lined calico project bag too.  So, I have promised myself I *will not* wind this skein into balls until the current knit is complete.  I don’t think there will be any resisting casting it on once it’s wound!


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