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Baking day

Miss 2.5 and I like to do the baking together.  Mr11 and DH like to eat baking.   You can see how this might work out.  It has taken us a week or so to get back into the swing of being back home, and having the boys back at work and school. So today was our first proper baking day of the year.  So we broke into it gently.

First up: Blueberry Muffins.  We scored some half-price organic blueberries at the supermarket this morning, they were a couple of days old, and perfect for muffins. Yummy!


And one of DH’s favourites that I haven’t baked in aaaages – Ginger Crunch – given Dh’s cholesterol, and the amount of butter that went into this, I don’t think I’ll be making it again any time soon either. But it’s full of rolled oats and coconut, so that’s gotta count for something, right?



My lemon slice, while yummy, isn’t exactly picturesque, so I’ll leave you with a description of a lemon sauce made from custard powder, water, a knob of butter and altogether too much sugar (I subsituted sucral) between two layers of cake. Mmmm.  Much to my surprise, page 69 of my recipe book was not between pages 68 and 70… or anywhere else to be found, so I had to ring Mum for the recipe.  So Miss 2.5 and I had a nice baking day chat with her.

And, while Miss 8 months was still asleep, I finished the cutting and sewing for a new set of oven gloves.  My old ones were waaay past retirement age, DH had the grace not to point this out to me.  But agreed that replacement was an excellent idea. Not one to buy something I could make, I made this from stash.


The fabric is leftover from our lounge curtains, which is a really heavy decorator fabric.  I have two layers of woollen blanket inside, which I hope will be plenty for heat protection. And the complementary blue for the pocket is repurposed from a pair of Mr11’s jeans (And not from the knee, which is why it was available for repurposing!).  Much cuter than storebought!


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