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I had company last night.  Nyree came over for some knitting help and company. She only started knitting about 9 months ago, and appreciates some hands on tuition from time to time – last night it was picking up stitches for a neckband.  She bought this with her…picture-1717

mmmm, berry cheesecake (which, incidentally I just realised *that* piece is still in the fridge…)

Now, lovely as cheesecake is, it’s the company I like the most. DH doesn’t *get* knitting.  He appreciates FOs like the next person…  “That’s nice”, but he doesn’t understand how one article can be more difficult than another, how a lace pattern might be challenging after a hard day with two wee ones, (Thus necessitating a second WIP that’s easier…) but other knitters so understand. That’s one reason why company is so nice when knitting.

But I don’t seem to have much knitting company.  I’ve had friends over for knitting nights occasionally, but I often end up correcting their mistakes rather than making progress myself, which can be a bit frustrating at times.  And with two wee ones to organise in the evenings, telling people not to come over until 8.15 can result in a reduced number of people wanting to visit.

I was really jealous when I was on holiday and spotted a group of knitters in a cafe (and my back was to them, darn it, I wanted to see what they were knitting!)  Oh, how civilised! I don’t know what the local cafes would make of a crowd of knitters but I’d be keen to find out!

When we were on holiday I enjoyed the companionable evenings Mum and I spent knitting together. She is working on knitting blankets for an orphanage, and sat with a massive tub of yarn next to her chair each night. Luckily Miss 8 months didn’t notice it, as she has a serious yarn addiciton. She’d be in heaven!  Here she is, having located my (then) WIP Leaf T-Shirt. All knitted items are up for “grabs” and she was this morning spotted giving love to the one completed Blue Sky Baby sock.picture-1611

Yes, the Sock Club socks are coming along nicely, last night I turned the heel on the second sock, between bites of cheesecake 🙂


I just need to get some knitting time in to do the heel flap and work on the leg. But I’ve been busy organising this year’s Uni enrolment, so progress is slow today.

But I will get on and organise another knitting night for my friends and I soon.  Maybe not in a cafe just yet.  There’s something special about a room filled with yarn, needles clicking, and knitter’s talk. Can’t wait.


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