Grey Skies, Blue Socks


Thanks to a day of atrocious weather and staying at home all day, my sock club socks were finished today.

We had not planned to stay home today. In fact, I was really excited about taking the girls out to Mainly Music today. We have had about 8 weeks off thanks to extended school holidays, and it would have been nice to get out and do something active since the weather was so inclement.  However, it appears Miss 2.5 did a little ‘driving’ of my car when we got home yesterday, including turning on the car lights.  Needless to say, that left the battery rather drained by the time I tried to start it this morning.  Therefore we stayed at home. We popped on our Love To Sing DVD and made music at home – but nevertheless I am looking forward to Music next week.

And, thanks to playdough and indoor activities, I had plenty of knitting time, finishing the leg and picot cuff of the second sock. So, I present to you… Grey Skies, Blue Socks.


Knit to the Blue Sky Baby pattern, this is the first installment of the Vintage Purls Summer Sock Club 2009 that I received last week. The concept of a sock club was new to me – you get sent the yarn and pattern, and we got extra yummy goodies too, which I will allow myself to eat now I’ve finished this installment. 
Because this pattern was selected for me, I tried some new things. This was my first completed toe-up sock pattern.  I’ve got a pair of toe up socks on another needle, and a sock I frogged that started toe up (remember the ugly yarn?) But, the first pair complete anyway.  They also featured a French Toe, which has three sets of increases, two at the front which make  a V shape, and one at the centre back.


Another new thing for me was the cool increases for the gusset which is centred at the bottom of the foot.


I hadn’t done a patterned heel flap before either , it looks cute in this pattern.  I was really impressed with the toe up approach to the heel gusset, I think it makes for a very tidy sock.


This was  a great start to my sock club experience, and lovely change from sweater knitting too!  But I’ve been busy salivating over what the other ladies have been producing on the NaKniSweMoDo  and have an ever increasing list of want-to-dos. So it’s back to the sweaters for me for now.


3 Responses to “Grey Skies, Blue Socks”

  1. 1 vanjeffery February 14, 2009 at 11:03 am

    They look awesome S!!! That colour too is just gorgeous.

  2. 2 Ceci February 15, 2009 at 12:54 pm

    Nice socks! I’ve never seen that style of gussett before and it’s really intriguing — thanks for the detailed, beautiful pictures. 🙂

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