Patience Rewarded

Yay! In my letterbox yesterday was a parcel of yarny goodness 🙂  It was my yarn swap yarn!  The posting deadline had been Saturday, so I was certain its arrival was imminent.  I made myself finish pegging two loads of washing up before opening it though!

And this was what I found…picture-1763

This is what my swapper wrote:

The Gypsy Girl
Your theme is Gypsy Girl. I dyed Bluebell 5 ply in shades of purple/pink/lilac just like the colours of a vibrant skirt a wee gypsy girl would wear. As you wanted the swap for you I’ve inlcluded 150g of wool which should be plenty for a pair of socks with some left over for some socks for your gorgeous wee girl. The pattern is Spring Pools. I came up with this as I’m sure gypsies used to take a dip in rivers on their long journeys.
Your paper work is a poem by Ralph Hodgson called The Gipsy Girl.
The gifts are some stitch markers and a sock knitting bag made by me, just like a gypsy would sell/trade their creations.

Now, purple is my absolute favourite colour, so this bundle of gorgeousness is well received. And the sock project bag will be fab, especially once I wrestle it back off the toddler, who is going through a bag stage right now.  The stitch markers are really cute and will come in handy, I have a big collection now, but I can never seem to lay hands on them when required!

I do realise the above photo of the yarn isn’t the best, but my DD1 was hovering trying to snitch the bag, casting shadows left, right and centre.  After she moved on, I got this shot…picture-1767

which I think does the colours more justice.

The first swap I received, I got back in January. Before I’d got either of my parcels finished, which felt a bit naughty.  Put together by the lovely Fi it was based around a theme of Honey.


It included a poem by Charles Tennyson Turner:
“The little bee returns with evening’s gloom
To join her comrades in the braided hive
Where, housed beside their might honeycomb
They dream their polity shall long survive”

Also included was a recipe for Bee Nutty Choco-Chip Cookies – which uses peanut butter and honey ( I think my boys will love them! ), a gift of cute wee yellow stitch markers, and a funky yellow dishcloth of a bee.


And the yarn -drool- the yarn! I received beautiful BWM Rustic 8ply yarn dyed in shades of yellow and brown, using acid dyes via the kettle method. Beautiful semi solid colours.  The pattern I was sent was for some honeycomb socks which look cute, but are sized a bit big for me. So, I’m currently mulling over ideas for its use.  Any ideas people?


Fi was a bit unsure about the colour as I specifically said ‘no yellow’, but this is anything but ‘yellow’.  And it was only ‘no yellow’ as I don’t wear yellow – the result on my complexion means I’m often asked if I’m ill.

Talking about ill, I’m feeling rather awful about my latest knitting project. Which I frogged last night. Back, 1/3 done. Front, 1/2 done.  Solution to serious issue that caused frogging: thought of overnight. Okay, it might not have worked, but hey, it would have been worth a go, I think.

Nuff said.

If you’re watching this space for FO’s, it might be a while, as I need to regroup a bit 😦


2 Responses to “Patience Rewarded”

  1. 1 Kelly February 19, 2009 at 7:04 pm

    Oh no…not frogging 😦

    Really like both those swaps. Re the honey swap, Rustic felts incredibly well, so I would say felt it. Or alternatively I think the ‘Fargyles’ sock pattern could be good……I believe she wrote the pattern with BWM Rustic 8ply in mind?

    • 2 shortly24 February 19, 2009 at 9:04 pm

      I really like the Fargyles 🙂 I’ve a second sock on the needles in plain black at the moment, I reckon this honey coloured yarn would be pretty (much prettier) as some Fargyles. Nice idea, thanks 🙂 I hope they wouldn’t end up felted though… I guess I have two small people they’d look cute on too though LOL

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