What do you do on a rainy day?

Today was rainy.  Really rainy.  And it just wouldn’t stop! So, we decided to hang out at home today. What to do? First we had a serious puzzle marathon, while I tried to knit and read my Uni text.

Then Miss2.5 and I made some yummy bread rolls for lunch. 


After lunch I attacked the mending pile in an effort to unearth my sewing machine.  Nothing earth shattering – mending seams, buttons back on, labels inserted, that sort of thing.

And then, a wee secret project for the little miss – another addition to her dress-up box. 


This wee ladybird cape is made from a nappy cut of sandwich PUL. I made it double sided, so the otherside is white with a cute red print pattern spots.  The black spots are demin which I appliqued on.  It’s fastened with velcro around the neck, so she can put it on herself. And it’s versatile enough to fit even an adult sized neck (Yep, I made Daddy into a ladybird).

And, since I had the machine out, I got around to a project I had been meaning to do for ages – an apron for DS11, which he needs for ‘Food Tech’ at school.  He chose a red cotton fabric (well, I didn’t have much in my stash that wasn’t totally girly).  I teamed it with a worn out pair of jeans to fashion something I hope he’s not embarrassed to wear in class.


I cut binding for around the seams from strips of demin, added a pocket to the front, and cribbed the button from the waistband for a neck closure.  The ties are from demin as well.


And once the kids were in bed, it was time to take the knitting out again.  I have chosen to cast on the Slinky Ribs from the new Custom Knits book I got on the weekend.  So, lots of 2×2 ribbing has been the theme of the day here.  It’s super cosy in Merino Possum yarn too.


So, it’s been a day of productivity for us here, but nevertheless I am hoping to see rather more sunshine than rain tommorrow.


5 Responses to “What do you do on a rainy day?”

  1. 1 Judy February 21, 2009 at 4:55 am

    Ohh, such cuteness! The buns, the ladybug, the apron & the knitting. You do spoil me!

    • 2 shortly24 February 21, 2009 at 7:59 am

      Awwww, thanks! The steel grey colour of the sky is telling me it might be another rainy day today, so watch this space…

  2. 3 Kaitlyn February 21, 2009 at 5:46 pm

    those bread rolls look delicious, are they easy to make?

    • 4 shortly24 February 21, 2009 at 8:54 pm

      They sure are! I have a breadmaker which makes things easier, but the recipe is a variation on my mum’s old handmade one which I’ve been making for years – I just substituted in some wholemeal flour and grains to make them a bit healthier. I love the fact that the breadmaker does almost all the work for you. And even a toddler can shape them… I know because she does!

  3. 5 Amybel February 22, 2009 at 3:05 am

    Every time I read your blog, you strike a chord. I too have a pile covering my sewing machine, and one of those projects is sewing a denim waistband from old jeans! Your cape and apron came out great and your kids are lucky to have such a talented mama!

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