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I had company last night.  Nyree came over for some knitting help and company. She only started knitting about 9 months ago, and appreciates some hands on tuition from time to time – last night it was picking up stitches for a neckband.  She bought this with her…picture-1717

mmmm, berry cheesecake (which, incidentally I just realised *that* piece is still in the fridge…)

Now, lovely as cheesecake is, it’s the company I like the most. DH doesn’t *get* knitting.  He appreciates FOs like the next person…  “That’s nice”, but he doesn’t understand how one article can be more difficult than another, how a lace pattern might be challenging after a hard day with two wee ones, (Thus necessitating a second WIP that’s easier…) but other knitters so understand. That’s one reason why company is so nice when knitting.

But I don’t seem to have much knitting company.  I’ve had friends over for knitting nights occasionally, but I often end up correcting their mistakes rather than making progress myself, which can be a bit frustrating at times.  And with two wee ones to organise in the evenings, telling people not to come over until 8.15 can result in a reduced number of people wanting to visit.

I was really jealous when I was on holiday and spotted a group of knitters in a cafe (and my back was to them, darn it, I wanted to see what they were knitting!)  Oh, how civilised! I don’t know what the local cafes would make of a crowd of knitters but I’d be keen to find out!

When we were on holiday I enjoyed the companionable evenings Mum and I spent knitting together. She is working on knitting blankets for an orphanage, and sat with a massive tub of yarn next to her chair each night. Luckily Miss 8 months didn’t notice it, as she has a serious yarn addiciton. She’d be in heaven!  Here she is, having located my (then) WIP Leaf T-Shirt. All knitted items are up for “grabs” and she was this morning spotted giving love to the one completed Blue Sky Baby sock.picture-1611

Yes, the Sock Club socks are coming along nicely, last night I turned the heel on the second sock, between bites of cheesecake 🙂


I just need to get some knitting time in to do the heel flap and work on the leg. But I’ve been busy organising this year’s Uni enrolment, so progress is slow today.

But I will get on and organise another knitting night for my friends and I soon.  Maybe not in a cafe just yet.  There’s something special about a room filled with yarn, needles clicking, and knitter’s talk. Can’t wait.


Baking day

Miss 2.5 and I like to do the baking together.  Mr11 and DH like to eat baking.   You can see how this might work out.  It has taken us a week or so to get back into the swing of being back home, and having the boys back at work and school. So today was our first proper baking day of the year.  So we broke into it gently.

First up: Blueberry Muffins.  We scored some half-price organic blueberries at the supermarket this morning, they were a couple of days old, and perfect for muffins. Yummy!


And one of DH’s favourites that I haven’t baked in aaaages – Ginger Crunch – given Dh’s cholesterol, and the amount of butter that went into this, I don’t think I’ll be making it again any time soon either. But it’s full of rolled oats and coconut, so that’s gotta count for something, right?



My lemon slice, while yummy, isn’t exactly picturesque, so I’ll leave you with a description of a lemon sauce made from custard powder, water, a knob of butter and altogether too much sugar (I subsituted sucral) between two layers of cake. Mmmm.  Much to my surprise, page 69 of my recipe book was not between pages 68 and 70… or anywhere else to be found, so I had to ring Mum for the recipe.  So Miss 2.5 and I had a nice baking day chat with her.

And, while Miss 8 months was still asleep, I finished the cutting and sewing for a new set of oven gloves.  My old ones were waaay past retirement age, DH had the grace not to point this out to me.  But agreed that replacement was an excellent idea. Not one to buy something I could make, I made this from stash.


The fabric is leftover from our lounge curtains, which is a really heavy decorator fabric.  I have two layers of woollen blanket inside, which I hope will be plenty for heat protection. And the complementary blue for the pocket is repurposed from a pair of Mr11’s jeans (And not from the knee, which is why it was available for repurposing!).  Much cuter than storebought!

Three Down…

picture-1682Nine to go!


I finished my Leaf T-Shirt this morning in time to be.. . late for morning tea at Kate’s. But it did mean I got to wear it out. And given it was a WIP the last time my friends saw it, it was great to have it done rather than be working on it again.

I was stoked with the way this yarn blocked. Knit in Patons Serenity, it bloomed beautifully when I steam blocked it.  The lace panel pops way more now that it is blocked, and I think it looks lovely.


The pattern calls for no ribbing at the neck, nor any at the sleeves, and as you can see, they roll a bit, but I like the casual look that this creates. After all, this is meant to be a T-Shirt.  I did, however, do 6 rows of 2×2 ribbing at the bottom as I didn’t want to lose length. As it happens, the length is great and I could probably have got away without this ribbing.

I started the sixth ball of yarn, but only did about 10 rounds out of it, so it was around 260g of yarn all up. This is so light to wear, the bamboo has to be experienced to be appreciated I think, but I would highly recommend it. I found the Serenity not to be splitty like some yarns, it’s a great choice. 

And now I’m going to have a break from sweater projects for a while as I knit my beautiful Blue Sky Baby socks!

Alll-llllah Faaaaireeeee!!!!!

So, I should probably have been knitting. But over the last week or so, I’ve noticed Miss A (2.5) has started to play with the tutu I made for her to wear to the Mainly Music Christmas party.  And her playsilk has been a “Super” cape, and a dress. So, it seemed an opportune time to investigate starting a dress up box for her.  I wanted to make something, and I found this online tutorial for a fairy outfit.  As I had to take a trip to Spotlight today to buy the finishing touches for my Yarn Swap, I was able to pick up the bits I needed to supplement my stash. And while there I found these cute things: wings, a tiara and a wand – what every fairy needs.




In my shopping cart I had a stem of hydrangeas, a long length of flowery ribbon, and a wee suitcase of buttons – I only used some of them, but the rest will supplement my scrapbooking stash.

For the skirt I used some silver voile I had left over from curtains in our bedroom that I made several years ago. And I also used bits of ribbon left over from taggy blanket making.

I altered the design of the waistband to use ribbon instead of elastic – which means the skirt will grow with DD rather than being something that she grows out of quickly.  It seems it can even fit mummy, and if I really want to embarrass Mr11, there is photographic evidence of him wearing said outfit (complete with wand and tiara).

The stem of flowers was disassembled and sewn below the waistband with the buttons.


I spaced the ribbons around the skirt, sewn under the flowers. And it was ready to go!


And the whole outfit was a success.  To cries of “Alllllah Faaaaaaireeee”, it was worn all afternoon. But there is a “no fairies at the table” rule that was implemented at dinner 😀picture-1628

Progress and Imperative

My third sweater project is flying along now that I have cast off the arms.  So many fewer stitches, definitely makes it easier.  I managed to knit a whole ball yesterday, although that was a pretty exceptional day.  A few more days should see it knocked off though.  Here’s a progress pic – the colour is all off, sorry! It’s a lot less pinky in real life.



And a close up of the leaf pattern…


So, as if finishing something to wear right away is not imperative enough, I’ve had some lovely mail.  I wasn’t sure if I was mad for signing up for Vintage Purls Summer Sock Club but it was a case of only 40 openings so I had to make my mind up quickly. I decided it was worth the risk (of being overcommitted) so I signed up.  It is a 3 month club, with three postings one month apart. This is what arrived for me this morning:


This month’s installment! I was hoping to be a bit further along with the Leaf T-shirt when it arrived, as I have serious project lust now!  The gorgeous blue yarn is unlike any others in my stash, and the cute wee bobby sock pattern looks quite achieveable for me.  It is a toe-up pattern, with a few interesting design features which will be fun to knit.  And some lovely extras are included – some sweet treats, and a cute lined calico project bag too.  So, I have promised myself I *will not* wind this skein into balls until the current knit is complete.  I don’t think there will be any resisting casting it on once it’s wound!


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