Self-imposed Exile

We are all sick. Not anything too dramatic, but a heavy cold that has spread rapidly from Miss 2.8 through the family has meant we have gone into self-imposed exile. After all, this is not the kind of thing we like to share with friends.

Now, if you aren’t off going places like playgroup and Music, you’d think it’d be a great chance to stay home and knit, right? Oh, so wrong! Miss 10.5 months is miserable, and has been a lap baby as much as possible. So, knitting has taken a back seat to cuddles. Which is, of course, its own reward.

Before the lurgy hit, I had finished a few things which only needed photographing: a cute shrug for the little miss and a pair of mittens for the toddler girl. Since then, I have to say, they’ve been less than photogenic.  I tried to bribe Miss 2.8 with a chocolate button this morning in the hope of a FO pic, but alas, she wasn’t in the mood. I ate it instead.

So, anyway, these are the wee mittens I made for her.


These are knit from Bendigo Woolen Mills Rustic 8ply yarn that was hand dyed, and gifted to me in the latest yarn swap. Miss 2.8 chose it from my stash. Mittens were requested because it is getting a little cold to bike down to the park at the end of the street when Daddy gets home from work. So, I hope that they serve her well.

The pattern was a free one I sourced on Ravelry. It was intended for sport weight held double or worsted yarn, and has two sizes, 4-6 and 8-10 years. I switched it to magic loop from DPNs and used the 8 ply to downsize for the little miss – they could be two rows shorter, especially in the thumb, but she likes them as is.

I’ve been using what knitting time I do have to knit up something secret for a Mother’s Day swap I’m participating in, and also working on my latest sweater in the green yarn I dyed. It’s looking cute – but when I looked at some FOs on Rav, I realised I’d made a mistake with the cables – one I quite like and intend to keep – they are meant to be separated by a band of stocking stitch, and mine are right up next to each other. You can’t quite see them in the pic below. Squint!



Time I’d usually spend knitting I did some internet yarn shop surfing, and have a couple of parcels coming my way.  I might need to have a month of knitting nothing but socks soon, as it’s all sock yarn! Can’t wait to have it in my hands…

It’s going to be a crazy busy week with FIL coming to stay (a suprise visit, the kids don’t know) and then up to Auckland for Uni on the weekend. So I’m desperately hoping that the germs flee and we are healthy before we head off.


3 Responses to “Self-imposed Exile”

  1. 1 Heather May 3, 2009 at 6:58 pm

    Oh I’m so sorry everyone is not feeling well. 😦 Hopefully it will pass quickly.

    The mittens are just grand. Miss 2.8 has great taste in yarn. And it’s funny you said to squint in order to see what you were describing about your sweater. It suddenly made me aware I already was squinting. Just too tired I guess.

  2. 2 Amybel May 5, 2009 at 3:11 am

    Ugh, nothing worse than the fall colds. Feel better soon!

  3. 3 Estella May 8, 2009 at 12:26 am

    Feel better! Nothing nicer than some internet yarn shopping – did some last week too. Some great deals out there.

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