Knitting and Adventures

After five lovely nights away, the girls and I are back home.  A couple of months ago I mentioned that I was going to go on a Knitter’s Weekend, and this was the reason for our trip. We were fortunate that a) it was held in my parent’s hometown and b) that I scored cheap flights, making it all possible.

It was lovely staying with Mum and Dad, and catching up with my PIL too. FIL headed off overseas the day after we arrived, but we enjoyed a lovely dinner with them both before he left, and we had a great time with MIL on Saturday morning at the museum cafe, crunching leaves in Hagley Park and browsing at the Arts Centre afterwards. Miss 2.9 delighted me with her recall of previous visits, saying to Nana in the car “Oh, I had fun last time I was here!” and telling me where to turn for Granny and Grandad’s driveway on our trip out there.  Miss 11 months delighted her grandparents with daring displays of walking – although Nana counted to 28 steps at one stage, they were more like a shuffle and she was still only half way across the room! Daddy noticed she is gaining in confidence now though, and I think we will ce calling her a walker soon.

The Knitter’s Weekend didn’t exactly go as planned for me though. I was slow to register as I was waiting for my friend to decide what workshops she was taking, so we could co-ordinate. She ended up pulling out, and somehow my emailed registration form was never received. So when I turned up for my first workshop, I found it has been cancelled.  I was disappointed as it meant I missed out – they were running the same option the next day but I had another one to attend then.  The organisers couldn’t be nicer or more apologetic. They encouraged me to attend the dinner that night after I put the girls to bed, and I had a fun evening.  There were knitting related quizzes and games. I even came away with a prize. The task was to knit with a partner – we had to hold one needle each – one hand only per person – and knit as many 10-stitch-rows as we could in 3 minutes.  My partner and I knit the most, and this was my reward…

Picture 2159Two balls of brand new, not even on the market yet sock yarn! From Naturally, a NZ company, it is a blend of merino, nylon, alpaca and merino. And sooo soft! Lucky me, eh!  My partner also got some, in a different colourway.

Speaking of goodies, there was also a goody bag. I gave a few bits and pieces to Mum, but here is what I bought home with me.

Picture 2161

I don’t think I’ve ever owned one ply yarn before – temptingly soft though! And a gorgeous colour. Mmmmm!

I only ended up doing one workshop – the one on steeks. We had really small numbers and thus lots of personal attention. We had a go at three different methods – and oversewing method, machine sewn, and crocheted.  They are pictured below right through left – excuse the mental cast on on the far right!

Picture 2160

Some were definitely more secure than others – My pick is definitely between the machine sewn and the crocheted one – but definitely picking up stitches through two loops to knit on from there. So much stronger! The workshop was lots of fun, and it was nice to meet a fellow Raveler and blogger Libby there too. I was also able to identify a few others I met on Saturday night as Ravelers – after the event anyway – Diantee and Kate 🙂 It was lovely to meet you both 🙂

I would highly recommend the Knitters Weekend to fellow Kiwi knitters – it was lots of fun, and despite the slight technical hitch with my enrolment, I couldn’t fault the organisation. There was lots to see, heaps of special events in-store, interesting people to meet, and lots to learn.  And I’m not just saying that because I got goodies, either!


1 Response to “Knitting and Adventures”

  1. 1 SweetP May 21, 2009 at 9:53 am

    Sounds like a great time. I really wanted to go but none of the workshops were really that appealing plus we had birthday happenings anyway. your goodie bag looks fabulous

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