A good find

When we were in Christchurch, my auntie gave me a wee unfinished jersey for Miss 2.8. Mum and two of my aunties are involved in knitting blankets for an orphanage (shamefully I can’t remember which country it is in right now).  Part of their mission is to score as much cheap DK weight yarn as they can to knit with – Mum did 4 single bed sized blankets herself last year, which you can imagine chews through wool rather quickly! So they scour second hand shops for jerseys they can pull apart, and suitable 100% wool sold cheaply.

In one of the bags my auntie picked up, there was this wee jersey…

Picture 2195

Now, I’m not particularly into picture knits – it’s certainly not something that I would knit myself – far too much effort  I’m more into cables etc. But Miss 2.8 loves it, as you can imagine. She loves cats!

Picture 2196

But it did get me thinking, what on earth would possess someone to give away a nearly completed jersey? When I got it, it was all knit, and sewn up all except for one side seam and one arm. Oh, and a few hours worth of sewing in ends to do (Sigh!). I can’t help but wonder if some little boy or girl suddenly stopped liking cats. Or if by the time the jersey was finished, the intended recipent had started high school…

I don’t know what the jersey’s story is, and probably never will. But I have one grateful wee girl here. Not grateful enough to model it for the camera, but grateful nonetheless.


3 Responses to “A good find”

  1. 1 Heather May 27, 2009 at 5:07 pm

    It’s a cute jersey. I wonder what the story is. Hmmmm. Curious. But as you said as long as your wee one is happy ~ it’s all good =)

  2. 2 Amybel May 28, 2009 at 2:50 am

    That’s probably why she likes it, since it’s not something you would normally make for her! Sounds like a good save for both of you.

  3. 3 jennynz May 29, 2009 at 3:26 pm

    I think a nana made it, and hadn’t finished it when she came to visit her grandkids who lived far away from her, but brought the nearly-finished jumper anyway. I bet she left it with the mum to just finish sewing up the last seams, thinking that she had made a lovely present for her grandson. Yes I think it was for a boy, because nana would have made a pink one for a girl. And I think the said boy took one look at the cat and said “no way am I wearing that” and I think mum agreed and couldn’t be bothered sewing it up either, so she put it on the back of the top shelf in the wardrobe where it sat for approximately 5 years. And then mum found it again and it made its way to the op shop, where your Auntie discovered it. I can’t say its my cup of tea either, but I can see why A will love it, and its cool that its been handmade with love 🙂

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