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FO: Pioneer

Finally some photos to show you of my latest knit. I was rather taken with the pattern Pioneer from the Spring edition of Knitty.  I have really enjoyed wearing short sleeves knits over my merino tops – perfect for autumn weather as well as right into winter here too. So, although the pattern is intended as a Spring knit, I think it will be used lots before then!

Picture 2240

Like most Knitty patterns, this was well written and tech edited. Heaps of sizes are available too, so I was able to pick a size close to my actual measurements – which is good given the deep v neck! I chose to knit it a little different to the pattern in a couple of places though. The pattern would have you do a cable stripe down the arm, but two corresponding ones down the body. That upset my sense of balance, so I did one. I also added 6 cast on stitches underneath the arm for a bit of additonal ease and because I have chubby arms. The modification at the back was a bit unintentional – I read the pattern too quickly and failed to realise each mini cable has an uncabled panel separating it from the next. So instead of having five cables, I have more.

Picture 2234

You can also see that I substituted the cute crocheted border for the seed stitch on the sleeves.  I thought it was too cute to leave off, and I’m happy with this wee change. 

The deep v was something I did not change – others on Ravelry have shortened it, but I think it comes off okay 🙂 There is a tiny bit of negative ease just below – but not much. The pattern is cleverly wider across the front than the back to prevent an issue, which also allows for the back panel to stretch out to show off the cables.

In terms of length, I knit until I ran out of yarn – so it’s also a couple of inches longer than the pattern, which is what I usually end up doing.  I was pleased that the yarn let me do this – I had only dyed up 7 balls.  This was my hand dyed Merino et Soie I blogged about earlier.  A bargain at $4 per ball, and I have 8 left for another project (as yet unplanned). I ended up redying the whole garment once it was finished as I thought the lightest green was too yellow. I wore it out this morning and had a comment on the yarn and “where did I get it” so I think that indicates success finally! The other thing to note about the yarn is that it is DK weight, the pattern called for sportweight yarn, but I have knit with this before and found it hard to get gauge, so this one, on #5 (3.75mm) needles was perfect for this yarn, and produced a really nice fabric.

Picture 2239

Excuse the dark photos – the days are getting shorter and shorter here. Taken around 5pm last night, and DS and I had a spectator watching us – this wee guy!

Picture 2242


He lives in our garden, but we don’t often see him in daylight. The last time we ‘met’ was when I found him in our rubbish bag! The girls and I did some gardening the day before, so he was probably enjoying lots of bugs.


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