The productivity continues

As promised, I have been knitting lovely little things, and have some finished items to show you.  Last week you might recall I knit a cute wee baby doll dress for Miss Almost One’s birthday. I put my plan of another one for her into action and came up with this cutie:

RiscPCspring 002

I was pleased that I had enough of the pink yarn to do the lace at the bottom this time, I think it finishes the dress off beautifully. And I was pleased to use up the green yarn too. I dyed it last year for the first yarn swap I was involved in – I dyed up twice as much as I needed and kept half for myself. Since then it’s been sitting around looking pretty but not much else. I still have some left, but my yarn loving youngster has unraveled the ball, so I’m not sure *how* much there is.

Anyway, it’s so cute I think it deserves a close up.

RiscPCspring 003

And so does the lace panel – I love the way it makes the row above it in green look like it’s doing lacey things too 🙂

RiscPCspring 004

Ah, but I didn’t stop at one, nooo!  I am so behind in my gift knitting, I figured since I was on a roll I should keep going. So, for a beautiful young lady, now three weeks old…

RiscPCspring 001

Yep, a teeny tiny newborn size baby doll dress!  The idea for the colourwork came from my friend Christine’s tester (Rav link) but I left off the ribbon as I didn’t think the colour would be easy to match, and didn’t want to have an excuse not to finish it!

I was hoping to gift it last night but baby and her mum didn’t come to our knitting night, so I will have to be patient (and/orleave the house, I’m staying out of the rain right now). I hope she likes it though!


2 Responses to “The productivity continues”

  1. 1 Heather June 10, 2009 at 8:40 pm

    What a beautiful job you did. I’m glad you did a close up of the yarn that your dyed. It’s very pretty. Your knitting friend is sure to like the wee dress. How could she not?

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