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Beautiful, beautiful yarn

A few friends on a forum I belong to have ‘fessed up recently about being addicted to shopping.  Now, I am not guilty of any such thing – I only spend money that I have. But I am guilty of buying yarn that I don’t need right now, and thus my stash is suffering from, erm, slightly overstuffed syndrome.  Much as I try, I can no longer fit it into the allotted two 45 litre bins (and one pretty cane basket in my room to ogle).  Part of the problem is that I stashed up large in January after I signed up for NaKniSweMoDo. Sales we on, I knew what lay ahead, and I took advantage of that. I have at least 6 more sweater sized lots waiting for me to knit up, and this all takes up space. So, I hereby swear not to buy any more yarn until I have finished knitting up my Winter Sock Club yarns.

You see, despite the aforementioned yarn issues, I went ahead and signed up for Vintage Purls Winter Sock Club. Yes, I *know* I haven’t even knit up the last of the summer ones yet. Yes, I *know* I’ve got a number of beautiful skeins of yarn and three books of patterns. But, well, I had the money set aside, and I’m not so good with temptation. 

My first installment arrived late last week…

Picture 2360

I can see now that the placement of the yarn makes the sock pattern hard to see – it’s an interesting ribbed sock with the gusset at the front of the sock (!). I have cast on the first of these and am almost ready to begin gusset increases. But I’m alternating this with another Milo vest, this time for Miss 2.9.

Picture 2361

The colours are an interesting combo of purples, from violet to lavender, and some rusty coloured browns. 

And we got cute goodies too. Love the fabric badges.



Picture 2362

Cute eh!

So, I *will* knit up these, and each of the following two installments before I buy any more yarn. I promise. In fact, I will even do the last of the summer ones before I buy more yarn.

Did I mention that my sister is in America right now with a big bag of yarn to bring home to me? Actually I’ve only bought six skeins, but when I get them it will be like buying yarn all over again, without breaking my buying ban. Clever, eh!


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