If thinking about it is what counts…

… then I’ve been making this jersey for DH for about three years now.

If buying yarn is what counts, I’ve been making this jersey for DH for a couple of years now.

If pattern surfing is what counts, I’ve been making this jersey for a couple of months now.

But if casting on and actually knitting an item is what counts, then I’ve only been knitting this for a tad over 24 hours.

Picture 2470

And already I am full of complaints.

Well, actually not so much, but my story goes like this. I thought I might knit DH a jersey.  When we were on our annual trek to the Great Aunt’s place, I borrowed a pattern book and on the way home we stopped and bought some yarn for said jersey.  Somewhere along the line I forgot to knit it though. And then the pattern went missing.  Noooothing to do with my messy sewing desk, I am sure. 

So I looked at patterns on Ravelry. If you have ever attempted this for men’s patterns then you might agree with me that there is an abysmal selection. And even worse when you have bought 12 ply yarn. In the end I decided that I quite liked the Woven Bands Pullover from Winter 2008’s Interweave Knits.  Conveniently, I had a copy of said magazine. But when I started looking at the finished projects I saw there was a pattern error or something, and the neckline was problematic. Sigh.

So, back to sitting around thinking about it.

My lovely sister suggested I knit Cobblestone from Interweave Fall ’07 but also available online.  This is a lovely pattern but it is Aran weight, unlike my yarn. And right up until the night before I cast on, I intended to knit this.  Enter another spanner in the works!

You see, the yarn I purchased is a) not listed on Rav b) had no yardage  on the label c) has no suggested needle sizes on the label. Basically, all the clues that I was depending on to help me convert the pattern to a bigger size yarn. Hmph. Still a bit hopeful, I thought I might be able to get hints from Ravelry and found another dead end. Add that to the fact DH would already be in the smallest size and I would have to do all the maths myself (sigh), I decided it would be worth another look at available 12 ply patterns. And found myself back at the Woven Bands Pullover. Thankfully, errata has appeared  – and it’s for the neckline – so I am ever hopeful that this sad story will have a happy ending.

The other part that might add to the happy ending is 12 ply yarn on 6.5mm needles. I’m nearly finished the first sleeve already.

Picture 2469

Yes, you start with the sleeves on this baby! I’m just following the instructions and seeing how it goes – up the sleeve, add stitches on for the front and work across, then onto the back, and finally the last sleeve.  Sounds like an adventure. And, oh the sewing up I will have to do! I’ve been spoiled with my top down knits of late.


1 Response to “If thinking about it is what counts…”

  1. 1 inkberryblue June 27, 2009 at 4:17 pm

    Oh, I think far more than I make too…and that’s half the fun! Your sweater looks lovely, as does your pretty pink beret.

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