Christmas Knitting Part 3 – Monkeys

My lovely sister sent me some photos of the Monkey socks I knit for her, so I thought I’d do a brief update here to show them off 🙂

And a modelled pic…

I am rather lucky my mother and sisters all have the same size foot so are easy to knit for. Unfortunately it’s not the same size foot as me, so I don’t get to borrow shoes. Given they all live too far away from me to make this feasible, I can’t complain too much.

We were off visiting some friends of the PIL earlier today and the husband commented on my sock knitting and wondered how the needle ‘worked’.  On a demonstration he declared the needle (an 80cm circ magic looping) to be a ‘brilliant invention’.  I couldn’t agree more.

My MIL commented last night that every time she sees me I’m knitting something different. Oops! I’ll finish something new to show you all soon, I promise!!


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