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More Malabrigo


This past summer, Miss 3 has been very attached to a pretty pink summer sunhat with a cap brim. She has looked so adorable in it that it got me thinking about whether it was possible to knit her a winter hat with a brim. A quick search on Ravelry revealled a good number of patterns. Looking futher I found some options that seemed suitable, and I eventually chose a free pattern called the Capitan hat.

I like this wee pattern because of the cute cables on the front, the lovely wee details, and the super knitted brim.  The finishing touches with the front strip and buttons were something that appealed too. I found these cute heart buttons at my LYS, and at only 25 cents each they were a bargain.  The pattern was logically set out and accurate, although I did have an issue with the brim instructions. One row of instructions said PM instead of SM – that is, place markers. I already *had* markers from the previous row, and then I got all confuddled when I was taking the extra one out. And I ended up with my increases in different places on each side and had to rip it back. But given it was only about 10 minutes work, it was not a huge deal.  Overall, this was knit up in just a couple of sessions of knitting – maybe three or so hours all up. Certainly an easy knit for when you are in company or a bit too tired to concentrate on a pattern.

The yarn: stash yarn of course! This is lovely Malabrigo Worsted in Vermillion which is left over from Christmas gift knitting. I had 56g and hoped like crazy it would be enough. I have 8g left over.  The reason I was not sure how much it would take was because the pattern is written for a chunky yarn, and for an adult head. I had worsted weight yarn and a child’s head.  I subbed in 5mm needles, but other than that I knit the pattern as written. It is not a long hat though, and I think it could do with being longer – especially if you want the wearer to have warm ears!  Miss 1 fits it perfectly. She seems to think she needs one as well.

What a great way to knit up a wee bit of stash yarn – I suspect this pattern runs small, so if you are intending to knit it, I’d add an extra repeat in the back. But this is just perfect for a kid’s knit – yay a woolen hat that they actually want to wear 🙂


The danger of Sock Clubs

The danger of Sock Clubs is that your next month’s yarn will arrive…

before you have knitted up the previous installment.

Made even more difficult as I  frogged this sock too. There was  a nasty bit of pooling right around the sock, which I just knew would drive me batty.

This week

First up, thanks so much for your comments and suggestions about my socks. They sat next to my chair looking ugly all week. Day by day more comments came in, mostly saying to frog it.  Day by day I read and contemplated.  And on Saturday I finally frogged them. And now the yarn is sitting, staring at me again, wondering what it will become. I cast on a new pair of Monkeys in the Needlefood Sock Club yarn I received. And now I’m wondering if I like the way *they* are knitting up..

Also, there was great excitement in our house this week.  Preschool had deemed St Patrick’s Day “Wacky Wednesday” and it was requested that I produce some wacky accessories in green for the girls to wear.

This is what they wore.

The girls had super fun with their green playdough and green pikelets, and Miss 3 was delighted to find the wacky things that they preschool had done to prepare for the day – the ‘family corner’ was all topsy turvy with chairs upside down and the cot on top of an upside down table.  The best bit for her was finding a tree in the toilets though!

And speaking of Miss 3, she had a good go at writing her name on the blackboard at home the other day – not all the letters, and not in the right order (She started too far across and ran out of room), but something to be proud of nonetheless.

I have been knitting too – and in fact have made very good progress on a test knit I am doing for an adult knit. But more on that tomorrow 🙂


When do you frog a project? At what stage do you call it quits with a project when something about it doesn’t seem quite right?

Meet my Monkey sock.

I really wanted to knit up this yarn I got in a recent swap and I thought that the Monkey socks would be a good pattern for the yarn. What I wasn’t counting on what the fact that the yarn is actually striping like a variegated yarn. And I don’t like it. I don’t like it in this sock pattern particularly – it seems to be fighting with the lace pattern. And at the moment, neither one is winning!

So, I have to make a decision – to knit or to frog?

In favour of frogging – I could rip this back in just a matter of minutes, if I could just stop thinking about how much knitting has gone into this already.

In favour of knitting – I have done about two thirds of one sock already, so am *almost* half way there – that’s a lot of knitting done already!

In favour of frogging – but what’s the point of continuing to knit something you don’t like?

In favour of knitting – well, could I turn it into something I like? I have been having rebellious thoughts. Thoughts of trying to maybe strip the dye back somehow and then redye, maybe with a dark purple, to try and make it more of a semi-solid look. Hmmm.  I figure that this might make a lovely pair of socks – the base yarn is Vintage Purls sock yarn, so it is well worth preserving with.

In favour of frogging – but someone hand dyed the yarn for me! 

Oh dear.

So around in circles I go in my decision making.  So far that’s meant this sock has taken a week long hibernation. I knit a few rows on it tonight – maybe it will get done after all. I guess you will need to watch this space.

Malabrigo March continues

I think it is baby season at the moment. I have friends – local and all over the country – who are expecting new additions at the moment. So, what better way to welcome a precious new babe than with a gift knit with love? 

37grams of silky Malabrigo loveliness. All knit up, blocked and ready to go.  Yep, another project is knit up from my stash, and while it didn’t make much of a dent in the stash, it was a complete joy to knit.
This is a newborn size Milo, a teeny, soft, and snugly vest knit from Malabrigo Silky Merino in colourway Dill. This was leftover from one of my Christmas gift knits, and seemed to be a bit too little for most projects. However, this seemed an ideal opportunity to use it up. I had a tad over 50 grams, so I have a teensy bit left to stash for contrasts if and when I buy more of this gorgeous yarn in the future.

Yep, there is something about knitting from stash that makes you plan what to stash next. There’s just no stopping some people!

Malabrigo March

First up, huge apologies for my sudden and slightly prolonged absence. I have to confess it had a lot to do with the small amount of juice left in my glass that I spilled along my keyboard. Yup, my computer really doesn’t like me very much right now. The whole bottom row of keys isn’t working, as well as the space bar and enter key. Not good.  But I have fired up my work laptop so that I can type without the use of my onscreen keyboard.

So, secondly, thanks for all the comments on the previous post – it’s great to hear about your knitting practises and hear it confirmed I’m not a freak for wanting to keep those needles working no matter what is on them.

You might remember me saying I wasn’t too keen to join in Malabrigo March either. Well, I have no intention of using my all the Malabrigo in my stash – but I thought a few projects wouldn’t hurt. So, today I’ll show you the first instalment. There is another project on the needles to show off in the next couple of days too.

First up is the lovely Spring Beret which I knit up with some leftovers from last year. I had around 75g left, and I thought I was taking a risk in knitting this up as most people on Ravelry said it took the whole skein. They must all be generalising though – I still had at least 20g of yarn left when this was done.  The pattern is available as a free download and is a really simple knit.  You cast on the band first, do one increase round and then proceed to the lace pattern – work the repeats and then the simple decrease rounds – all done. Sooo much easier than the Rose Red beret, but in this yarn is still super delicious. Yum. Just waiting for cold weather now!

In terms of the fit, this could be bigger – I knit the number of repeats the pattern recommended – if you like a baggier beret, I would knit one or two more. In fact, this fit like a closely fit hat before blocking – so, don’t be afraid of knitting it bigger. The pattern calls for cotton yarn and I think that it would sit differently if I had knit it in cotton.

Now that is not all for today though! I finally cast off my Whisper Cardigan this afternoon. It is such a light knit that I was able to wash and block it this afternoon in time for a couple of pictures. Yay for lace yarn. This is knit up in Malabrigo Lace yarn, in the colourway Sealing Wax.  I used all but about 10g of two skeins – so around 90g all up.  I totally love this, although the knitting was tedious, truth be told.  The heavy needles and light yarn is such a mismatch, and the knitting is quite boring – stocking stitch in the round, in the flat, and ribbing – yawn! But, it is so lovely now that it is done. I am sure I will get heaps of wear out of this, especially since the days are starting to get a little cooler. Yay me for finishing something on time!  This is the smallest size – I knit the largest size last time and it keeps sliding off my shoulders. I re-measured before casting on this one – and while I might have been better off with the medium, this is a much better fit than my previous attempt. I did knit a heap of extra length though just finishing when it seemed long enough.


So, for someone *not* participating in Malabrigo March, that’s a lot of Malabrigo for one post 🙂

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