This week

First up, thanks so much for your comments and suggestions about my socks. They sat next to my chair looking ugly all week. Day by day more comments came in, mostly saying to frog it.  Day by day I read and contemplated.  And on Saturday I finally frogged them. And now the yarn is sitting, staring at me again, wondering what it will become. I cast on a new pair of Monkeys in the Needlefood Sock Club yarn I received. And now I’m wondering if I like the way *they* are knitting up..

Also, there was great excitement in our house this week.  Preschool had deemed St Patrick’s Day “Wacky Wednesday” and it was requested that I produce some wacky accessories in green for the girls to wear.

This is what they wore.

The girls had super fun with their green playdough and green pikelets, and Miss 3 was delighted to find the wacky things that they preschool had done to prepare for the day – the ‘family corner’ was all topsy turvy with chairs upside down and the cot on top of an upside down table.  The best bit for her was finding a tree in the toilets though!

And speaking of Miss 3, she had a good go at writing her name on the blackboard at home the other day – not all the letters, and not in the right order (She started too far across and ran out of room), but something to be proud of nonetheless.

I have been knitting too – and in fact have made very good progress on a test knit I am doing for an adult knit. But more on that tomorrow 🙂


1 Response to “This week”

  1. 1 Virginia March 23, 2010 at 1:03 pm

    Love the wacky accessories!

    It’s always sad when a project goes into the “fail” pile. It takes me a while to get back in the saddle with either the pattern or the yarn in that case.

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