Scavenger Swap

The local knitting ladies and I had our weekly knitting night last night. This night was more anticpated than most though – it was another of our fantastic swap nights.

The theme that we had chosen was a Scavenger Hunt. The five things that we needed were:

1. Something from the sea

2. Something from New Zealand

3. Something Edible

4. Something blue

5. A knitting or handcraft notion.

I got my thinking-cap on early. I dyed my yarn up a couple of weeks ago in the school holidays, and I decided to experiment with the sock blanks I got last year. This qualified as my ‘something from New Zealand’ as I used Vintage Purls yarn 🙂 Here is what I did…

I firstly dyed the yarn all over, and then hand painted around some heart stencils. Then I redyed the whole lot again, and I am hoping this knits up as a pretty semi-solid. 

I was nearly stumped with something from the sea – you see, I was determined to make as much of this from stash as I could – I felt like really scavenging.  I came across this lovely pattern on Ravelry – and free too…  Only to find out after I gifted it, the pattern was in the recipient’s queue all along 🙂 Because it wasn’t something suitable to knit with the yarn I dyed up, I gifted a skein of Malabrigo Lace Weight yarn to knit it up from too.

Edible was easy – it’s hard to go past delicious chocolate… and that left two more – something blue, and a knitting notion. I decided to knit something with some of my Malabrigo Worsted yarn that I rescued from an unlovely Juliet a few weeks back. I picked a pattern and off I went. It wasn’t until *after* I finished I realised I had misread the cabling instructions completely. So this is a somewhat unique hat! Anyway, I think it’s still cute despite that…

And for a notion, some stitch markers. I used some cute handmade flower beads that I made a couple of months ago  when I went on a craft retreat with friends, and matched them with some  blue beads. Cute! And made entirely from stash.

So, all up, this is the parcel.

And with a swap, she who gives, receives. And, boy, did I receive!  My gorgeous gift…

Oh boy! My swappee joked that the ‘sea’ item was the fact that she had ordered the stuff for me from overseas. Yes, you *do* spy another skein of Madelinetosh Vintage in the totally drool-worthy colourway Baltic there. And a  knitting book is taking the idea of a ‘notion’ to the most generous degree. I had looked at a review of this book online just the other week, so it was a real pleasure to be given it.

Oh, the chocolate! *hands it around* I am eating just a little while I am typing this up 🙂

And from NZ? Feijoas of course. “tis the season! Yum. I didn’t just get these either – I got a whole huge bag to share around.

Oh, and the yarn!

It is really hard to photograph with a flash, the colour is something between the two pictures – but it is beautiful, irridescent shades of darkest blues and purples. Simply stunning. Noooo idea what it wants to be, but I love that it’s all wound and ready to go.

Oh, I love playing swapsies!  Here’s a piccy of lovely yarn that got exchanged last night. I didn’t have enough battery life to take pictures everyone’s gifts this time – so you might just have to imagine the rest.


3 Responses to “Scavenger Swap”

  1. 1 Hoaenz May 5, 2010 at 10:48 pm

    Glad you like it! :-> Was fun to put together!

  2. 2 Caffeine Girl May 5, 2010 at 11:51 pm

    You really do have the best knitting group!

  3. 3 neak May 6, 2010 at 9:48 am

    Oh the blank looks awesome hun! can’t wait to see what it knits up like 🙂

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