Steam Blocking

This post is by way of reply to a question from a post last week where I mentioned that I was going to steam block an item.

So, what is steam blocking?  Steam blocking is my blocking method of choice for small items. If I’m blocking a shawl or socks or sweater for myself, I wet block. But a small item for the girls is often much anticipated (at what age do we learn the patience required to subliminate our own impatient desires?) and so I tend to use the quick and easy steam blocking method.

So… take your knitted item, an iron, and ironing board, (or like me, if you’re too lazy to get it out, a towel over a flat heat-resistant surface…) and a teatowel or similar item.

Wet the tea towel and lie it over your knitted item, making sure that you pull your item to shape.  With a very warm iron, hold the iron above rather than on the tea towel until it is steaming.  This heats the garment and allows you to manipulate it.  In the case of the cardigan above, it meant I could flatten out and stretch the bodice section and even out the edges.  Here’s a look at a half steam blocked item.

The roll is gone, the stitches are evened out, and the bodice has taken shape nicely. Once you have steamed it, the wool is warm enough to be compliant, so don’t be afraid to manipulate the item. Once it cools it will hold the new shape.

Simple and really effective 🙂 My kind of technique!


1 Response to “Steam Blocking”

  1. 1 Caffeine Girl May 6, 2010 at 11:54 pm

    Thanks for the demo. The photos and step-by-step instructions are really helpful for a newby like me!

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