Winter Vest

Following on from my pink success for Miss 3, a piece of my knitting she wears enthusiastically, I decided to try again. This time brighter and pinker!  I knit up this cute Eden vest for her in just a couple of days knitting. I knit it as per the pattern, adding a contrast neck and hemline. I used a lace pattern from a stitch dictionary for a bit of interest at the hem – I think it’s really pretty. And the young lady is really pleased with it too. Yay, two successes in a row!

This pattern is seriously easy to knit, this one was the fifth one I’d made to the pattern – two test knits in cotton, two for Miss 1 in wool, and now this one for Miss 3.  I think next time I would make a size larger for her – and add a it more length. My babies are growing up!  I haven’t taken piccies of the second one for Miss 1 yet as I am waiting on some embellishment charts that I will be testing for a fabulous designer.  She is working on a raft of designs to do in duplicate stitch, and I needed a blank canvas suitable for embellishing. So, you’ll have to watch this space for the next exciting installment.

I do have to wonder about my slight pattern obsessions. I seem to knit and knit and knit one pattern or one type of item. Last year I knitted so many pairs of socks that I have no reason to knit socks this year (except a stash of yummy yarn!) This seems to be the year or vests and hats (yes, I do have another one blocking, why did you ask?)  Am I the only one who gets carried away in fits of knitting fancy? Or are the rest of you more sensible in your knitting choices – not obsessively beavering away on a stash of hats to go with every outfit you own 🙂 (Actually it’s not that bad. I only have a red hat, pink hat, teal hat, purple hat and blue hat. I also wear green and black a lot).

And now, since I appear to be rambling… I thought you might appreciate these cutie photos of the girls. It’s winter here now and it was a bitterly cold day outside. It was nice to see  them making their own fun inside tonight 🙂

Yep,  it’s nice to see Miss 3 is going to grow up to be like Mummy – she’ s baby wearing a dolly on her back (in the homemade Meitei I sewed for her that she’s mostly never used), and pushing her wee sister in the doll’s pram. Bless her!

And speaking of Miss 1, I thought you might a post-op update on her. As you can see, her eye is looking fabulous. Unless you get right up close you’d never know that she had an operation on it.  Cute as a button (if not slightly feral post-preschool clothed and groomed).

And on that note I really must head off to bed – it’s been a looong day.


3 Responses to “Winter Vest”

  1. 1 Virginia June 2, 2010 at 2:35 pm

    Cute vest! I’m glad that you had another kid approved success!

    I just had a knitting fail with my own daughter. She’s not too happy with a sweater I knitted up for her. Ah well.

  2. 2 nova June 2, 2010 at 4:40 pm

    very cute! can’t wait to see the one you’re embellishing too 🙂

    knit obsessive? nah not really, sub-light-speed knitters like me sometimes have to content ourselves with just knitting the necessaries! so most of my knitting revolves around keeping the kids in winter jumpers, hats, mittens etc, and making presents… not enough time left for whim knitting! 😛

  3. 3 Heather June 2, 2010 at 5:11 pm

    Isn’t it amazing how quickly our wee ones grow? The girls seems to be shooting up so fast. And I love Miss 3 taking her sister for a nice stroll through the house.
    The vest you knit came out looking warm and lovely. The colors are so rich and fun. Perfect for a busy girl.

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