Technical Issues and other such difficulties

No, I haven’t fallen off the side of the universe. Honestly!

Things have been a little bit busy around here lately – reports for seniors, then juniors, parent-teacher interview evenings, and the ERO arriving at school have kept me busy with work.  Trying to find the bottom of my WIP/hibernating project basket has been keeping me busy with knitting, but has left me a bit uninspired. And a small girls’ birthday has kept me busy with planning, baking, wrapping, celebrating and playing.

It’s been a fun couple of weeks around here!

And I *have* taken photos to share with you, and even started a blog post or two which might eventually even be posted. But I’m suffering from a few technical difficulties with my laptop, and all the photos are on there, and I am too lazy or busy or uninspired or whatever to get a USB stick out and work out which ones I want to transfer over.

Except I am going to have to backup the whole machine as apparently it needs a new motherboard when they do the repair. Fun!

Anyway, I hope you’ll be patient with me until I get myself sorted out! There will be some (uninspiring) finished or partially finished knitting to share with you on my return. But it’s getting done, and that’s what counts!


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