Holiday Knitting

So, I was planning to have lots of knitting time while we were away. As usual, it took a bit of planning and thought to work out what to pack (knitting wise that is. Clothes, well, I just threw those in 🙂 ) The first thing I packed was the Tea Leaves Cardigan I am working on. With only an inch or two left on the body, I was fairly sure that I would finish it over the more than a week we were away.  Easy, right? Yep, sure is, if you remember the right needles for the sleeves. And if you don’t? Forget it.

Second up was a pair of Blackrose Socks. I was using these to alternate with the cardigan – long stretches of stocking stitch need breaking up somehow!  I was just  heel on the first sock when we left – and now I’m in pretty much the same place on the second sock.

So, what *did* get finished then? Something for the girls – much quicker!

For Miss 3…

Yet another Olearia – this time a shrug version.  I knit this in the 100Purewool yarn I recieved just before we went away on holiday. It is a worsted weight yarn and the pattern calls for DK, so I knit the size 2 on 3.5mm needles, for the garter section, and 4.5mm for the stocking stitch sections.  This resulted in a top almost exactly the same size as the DK weight size 3 I knit her.  

And when I got home, some gorgeous new buttons were waiting for me, all ready to sew on.  Yes, I must confess to ordering more buttons from Nicci’s new collection, which you can check out here.


Yarn: 100Purewool 3ply worsted in Happy Rose and Quebracho

Needles: 3.5mm and 4.5mm Knitpro tips on 60cm cable

Time: 2.5 days. This includes knitting it as a cardigan, realising I didn’t have enough yarn, pulling it back and re-knitting as a shrug.

Mods: as above – changed needle sizes to accomodate a thicker gauge yarn.

Why yes, my child *does* have a slight shadow of kitty whiskers and nose on her face, why do you ask??

With the leftover yarn, I decided it was about time Miss 2 got a mummy made hat, and with no pattern and no internet access, it meant making up a pattern. This is what she has been given.

Of course, I should really have made the hat for the person who got the top – my knitting list is getting longer instead of shorter. Miss 2 is uber jealous of the top with the pretty buttons, and Miss 3 wants a hat with buttons. I guess that means I’ll be working out the hat pattern in a larger size. Watch this space.

And in the meantime, I’m knitting around and around with my new 4.5mm Knitpro short tips – yes, that sleeve is finally being knit.


4 Responses to “Holiday Knitting”

  1. 1 Virginia July 13, 2010 at 6:11 am

    Pretty! I love all the pink. 🙂

    Those buttons are AWESOME. Adore them. Must have some.

  2. 2 hannah July 13, 2010 at 10:06 am

    gorgeous aS ALLWAYS. love the little hearts on the hat! did you do those at the end or while knitting?

  3. 3 Teri October 28, 2011 at 5:11 pm

    How did you do the hat? Was it easy? I’m looking for an easy no-rib band beanie pattern (I can’t do rib, I find it hard!) and yours looks easy and no-rib! Please tell me how you did it!

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