Not what I was planning to knit

Last weekend I thought I had my knitting priorities all sorted – finishing off a cardigan for Miss 2, and working on a lace tunic for me. I had cast on all 266 stitches of the body and begun to make slow progress on the lace when disaster struck. Not disaster of the knitting kind. Disaster of the wisdom tooth kind. By the time my dentist could finally see me on Thursday I was well prepared for the news I would have to loose all 4 wisdom teeth. And gratefully accepted the strong drugs he was peddling. Bliss.

But in the meantime I had to knit through the pain. After all, I had to do *something* to take my mind off the pain! I struggled into work each day, and at night I knitted. And ate soup. But lace knitting while in less than peak condition? Not advisable. Instead I knit up this:

I was really hoping for some modelled shots of this, and of Miss 2’s latest knit, but it hasn’t been possible. Seems I’m not the only sick one. Miss 3 has croup. Really badly. And putting a kid with a temperature into knitwear just to take photos? Well, that’s pretty much cruelty to children!!  I did take some bad photos of Miss 2 in her new knit and while one is cute of her, it’s not a great knitwear shot… see?

She is totally in love, and spent time showing the teachers at preschool what was on each of the buttons. “Flower! Butterfly! ‘bird!”  Couldn’t you just bottle two-year-old cuteness?

Anyway, apologies from me for the lack of comprehensible posts of late. I’m taking a sick day to stay at home with Miss Croupy-cough tomorrow, so hopefully if her temperature obliges, I’ll be back with more info and better piccies of her new hoodie.


3 Responses to “Not what I was planning to knit”

  1. 1 Virginia August 2, 2010 at 10:27 am

    Those big blue eyes! She’s gorgeous.

    I’m sorry about Miss 3’s croup. I had that when I was a kid. Not fun.

  2. 2 Angela August 2, 2010 at 5:47 pm

    Wisdom teeth = oh no, expensive, ouch & welcome to mashed potato’s for a week.

    And that’s why I haven’t been to the dentist properly in 12 years (no, my teeth are rotten and gross). I am just a chicken. Fingers crossed my wisdom teeth never come through!

  1. 1 Her Pinkness « Shortly Stitches Trackback on August 18, 2010 at 11:41 pm

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