Cosy Toes

These are, without a doubt, the ugliest socks I have ever knit.  But, don’t worry, they aren’t for me, so it’s okay. 

I got this yarn in a swap last year. I love the colours, but when I started knitting it up, the pooling started. I had originally planned to knit these in a pattern, but after an inch or so I realised how futile it was, and pulled it back.  I’m glad I did, because these are for DH’s huge feet and that would have been a lot of knitting for very little effect. 

I used the Garter Heel pattern from Wendy Johnson’s Socks from the Toe Up, and it fits DH a treat with 72 stitches per round.  I decided to make a long ribbed top on them as they will mostly be used under his Doc Martens boots, so I wanted them to stay up well.  I could definitely have reduced the number of stitches on the leg though – he has seriously skinny shins!

The yarn is Patonyle sock yarn, and I used all but a scrap of the 100g, just enough leff over for some darning if needed. 

I started these months ago and knit up just one as a portable project. It sat, sadly waiting, in the basket next to my knitting chair, for months.  My daughters occasionally picked it up and said “That’s Dad’s sock”. Thanks for the guilt trip ladies!  I decided that I should do something about it… and made up my mind to cast on for the second one, aiming to finish for Father’s Day. It didn’t quite happen, it got done for the day after, but no complaints from him on the wait (especially as I placated him with some 1957 and 1957 car magazines on the day!).  That means I knit the second sock as a side-project in just 4 days. Not too shabby!

So, now DH has a pair of socks and a hat from this winter, I might consider him ‘done’ for the year, and I can go back to knitting pink, pink, pink!!


2 Responses to “Cosy Toes”

  1. 1 Darcy September 10, 2010 at 11:34 am

    Iam weird but I love the pooling and the colorway;)Huggies Darcy

  2. 2 Caffeine Girl September 10, 2010 at 11:55 pm

    Perfect husband socks! He’s lucky you have the patience to knit a plain pair for a man.

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