Testing 1…2…3

At the beginning of Spring, I gave myself a wee pep talk about how much test knitting I’ve been doing lately and the importance to making sure I get my own knitting list done. It worked for, ooooh, about a week. And then, well I just couldn’t resist.  I signed up for two test knits on the same day, and my Alpaka Tunic got pushed back down the list a little more.  The end results have been worth it though…

The first is a gorgeous new babydoll dress pattern – it comes with two different options for the skirt and I tried the cable option.

It was such a gorgeous pattern I decided to make another one as a present for my friend’s baby’s birthday on the weekend.

Both are made from 100PureWool, in the Izcua colourway. Each one used one skein – you can see I used more trim on one that the other – The top on Miss 2 is a 2T, the smaller is a 12 months size. I adore this pattern and highly recommend it – simple but effective. It is called the Paige Babydoll, by Rachel Evans, and will hopefully be ready for release soon  – I’ll let you know!

And the third tester I knit was for someone a bit smaller – a new addition to the family you might say…

Meet Baby, or possibly Rose… Miss 4 hasn’t quite decided on a permanent name for her. Anyway, she is the latest addition to our ‘family’, a present for her recent birthday. Baby arrived with just one set of clothes, so I leapt at the opportunity to test Tikki’s dolly verision of the Cassia pattern, so that she could have a change of clothes!  Isn’t it sweet?  I’m sure Baby is delighted with this wee dress. It took just 50g of yarn for this small size doll (Baby stands 16 inches high), and it fits a treat. 

So now it’s back to the tunic for me… It’s been growing slowly but surely, and I’m hoping it will be done in another week. Of course, hoping doesn’t get it done… knitting does. So I’ve been working on it a little bit each day, and progress is being made. Promise!


2 Responses to “Testing 1…2…3”

  1. 1 Virginia September 16, 2010 at 12:32 am

    Cute! Those are all really lovely looking.

    And I can’t wait to see the Alpaka Tunic.

  2. 2 Jodie September 21, 2010 at 9:19 am

    I love reading your blog and I’ve nominated you for a “one lovely blog” award, head on over to my place to pick it up

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