Panini Recipe

I like paninis but hate paying supermarket prices for them. Seriously, over $6 for 4 panini?  There is no way our grocery budget can extend to that! Having a breadmaker and a bit of curiosity, I figured it was time to give making my own panini a try.   They turned out beautifully, so I thought that I should share the recipe with you to spread the panini love.

1.5 cups warm water

2T olive oil

1.5 t salt

2T sugar

4 cups high grade flour

3 t Surebake yeast

I made mine in the breadmaker on the pizza dough cycle – which is 45 minutes long, it does mixing, resting, and a bit of kneading, more resting, more kneading, and some rising.  You could easily do this by hand. When the cycle was done I cut the dough into ten roughly even parts, rolled each in flour and then rolled each into an oval before leaving them to rise. The thickness of the oval was probably about 7mm or so before rising.

Once they were risen I brushed them with a little more olive oil and baked them in a 220 degrees celcius oven for 8 minutes.

Now the next stage was not one I’d recommend you follow – I had to go to work and when I came back my son had been tucking into them… so don’t leave them unattended as they are delicious!!


1 Response to “Panini Recipe”

  1. 1 Angela September 30, 2010 at 8:40 am

    Wow, cool idea, I’m inspired! Ok, so first of all I’ll have to get a breadmaker…(or maybe I’ll ask Santa for one for Christmas 🙂 ).

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