Some months ago I received a gorgeous magic yarn ball swap parcel. It was packed with lovely wee gifts in organza bags, which slipped right out of the yarn.  At the time I greedilyenjoyed seeing them without the hard work of having to unwind the ball to get to them.  Little did I know the problems that I was causing.  When I decided to wind the yarn up a month or so ago, I struck  a problem. A very tangly problem.  Anyone who has ever spent hour upon hour untangling a skein of yarn knows the kind of problem I had.

But this was worse.

Trapped inside the middle of that tangled yarn was a big bar of chocolate.

Serious problem, eh!

I wound about 45 grams and could see the end of one skein of yarn, but came across a massive tangle and, with the evening wearing on, I decided to put it aside. And aside it sat. Until my sister came to visit and she got stuck in, untangled the last 5g of the first skein, and then we together unwound the rest of the magic yarn ball, coming across only one further major tangle.

I do have to say that, given the effort she put in, she claimed a very modest amount of chocolate as her reward.

So now I have two small balls of very purple sock yarn calling to me, reminding me that it’s Socktober, and I haven’t knit a single row of a sock this month. Shameful really. I will be rectifying that soon!


1 Response to “Trapped!”

  1. 1 Lauren October 9, 2010 at 12:59 am

    oh that’s lovely…the yarn matches the chocolate wrapper! how good is it that the dairy milk is fair trade now!….and if that had happened to me…it would have totally been my sister who would have helped me untangle the last bit too! happy blogtoberfest!

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