#12 Butterflies

Today I had a bonus ‘home day’, with the friend scheduled to look after my Poxy Princess having a sick child of their own to deal with I got to take a sick day to stay at home with her. We had some fun – we toured the vegetable patch and admired the asparagus poking its head out of the soil, looked at the pea and bean plants starting to do likewise, and checked out the vegetable and flower seedlings in our new plastic ‘glasshouse’. We collected lemons and made more lemon cordial, and we made fresh bread rolls for lunch. We had a Dora the Explorer marathon and when she napped I watched last week’s episode of Outrageous Fortune instead of studying like I should do.  She did some work on her new Strawberry Shortcake activity book, and I knitted two cute butterfly rings.  One for Miss 4, and of course you can’t make something like that for her and not one for her younger sister – so one for her too.

This super cute pattern, Butterflies, is by Susan B Anderson and is available free – it’s super simple and very cute. It does have a million wee ends to sew in though, so consider yourself warned!!  I have been reading Susan’s blog for some time now and I love her enthusiasm for knitting, designing, life and her family. She’s recently been surrounded by teens learning to knit and it’s been lovely seeing their budding enthusiasm for their new-found craft – including the girl who wore her newly completed sock everywhere even though it was the first and only of the pair – yep, she wore it all alone as she was so proud of it.  Her posts are often very picture heavy – so those on dial-up consider that a warning! – and she often hosts giveaways too 🙂

Annnnyway, back to the butterflies.  Miss 4 chose two colours of sock yarn from my leftovers container (yes, I recently organised them into a container!) and away I knitted. I have to say that the finishing of the butterfly takes nearly as long as the knitting.  Before too long she had her own butterfly ring.

The body is Vintage Purls sock yarn colour exclusive to Joy of Yarn, and the wings are knit in Needlefood’s first sock club colourway from the last club:  There’s Flowers in my Salad.

And Miss 2’s uses the same body colour with a handdyed green from Kristy on a Vintage Purls base.

Another thing that was fun about knitting these was that I used my Harmony DPNs, as I needed a 2.75mm needle and that was the first source I could think of.  When I first started sock knitting I thought I’d use DPNs to do so – my friend Margo used them with such ease I thought it must be easy, and I invested in a set of Harmony DPNs which now sit mostly unused and beautiful. It was nice to knit with them again, and they made knitting these wee beauties a joy,

I’d like to knit up a few more of these for hairclips- I can see they’d make a great addition to a girly birthday gift, or even be useful on gift packaging. Super cute and very girly always seems to appeal for some reason.


1 Response to “#12 Butterflies”

  1. 1 Anne October 13, 2010 at 1:18 am

    Wow, it looks and sounds like, despite the sickness, it was an awesome day! The butterflies are very cute, though the sound of the ends doesn’t appeal. But would be good on so many things 🙂

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