Dolly Knitting

Earlier this month I had a doll’s clothes binge.  Miss 4 got a lovely wee Gotz Maxi Muffin doll for her birthday, and Miss 2 will be receiving one for Christmas.  Each doll only comes with one set of clothes, and what’s the fun in never changing their clothes.

A few weeks ago I sewed two tunic tops for Miss 4’s doll, but even that hasn’t stopped the never ending stream of odd outfits I find her in: Miss 4’s t-shirt, Miss 2’s t-shirt, a baby doll’s all-in-one – the list goes on!  So under the tree will be at least two new outfits for each girl’s doll – one sewn (which I purchased off TradeMe) and one knitted.  I am hoping to have time for another cardigan each before the big day – but not sure if I will have the time. Or perhaps I should try something a bit more summery to match our weather?

First up, for Miss 4:

I used two free patterns for each outfit. Firstly the Poppy Cardigan by the lovely Tikki, and secondly a slightly adapted version of the Ruffled Doll Skirt by Nanette Generaux.  Both patterns were easy to follow, and quick and fun to knit.

The Poppy Cardigan for Miss 4 was knitted from 50g exactly of John Q Heather 8ply yarn that I picked up from Knitworld’s sale in January.  I think I paid $3 a ball for it, and it seems good value – not soft, but not scratchy either.  The colours are beautiful – I love the subtle heathered tones.   The skirt took a total of 41g of yarn including the white trim.  Instead of knitting the skirt’s body in pattern I just knit it in stocking stitch to match the cardigan.

The outfit for Miss 2’s doll is from the Wool Company’s Avocado (green) and Watermelon (variegated) yarn, also in 8ply.

I have a stack of Watermelon still in my stash, as I was gifted some by another knitter whose daughter found it too scratchy. It isn’t the softest of yarns, but at $15 for 200g I’ve found it to be excellent value for an everyday yarn. 

I again knit the skirt in stocking stitch – I didn’t think that the pattern would show up in the variegated yarn well – and it certainly sped up the knitting too!

I hope that the girls get many hours of fun from these wee outfits!  It’s so lovely to see them playing with their dolls, caring for them and being a wee ‘mummy’.  Miss 2 has just started to ‘talk’ for her toys and puts on a sweet wee voice for each character. Too cute – and such a wee copycat!


2 Responses to “Dolly Knitting”

  1. 1 caffeinegirl December 18, 2010 at 1:18 am

    Those are so cute. I wish my daughter or nieces were still playing with dolls. I’d rush to make them outfits like yours!

  2. 2 Virginia December 18, 2010 at 5:19 am

    Those are great outfits! I am sure the girls will adore them.

    Lovely presents…

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