So, last year…

I finished this…

It just took me aaaages to sew on the buttons and photograph it. It is just far too hot to wear this right now, even for a photo shoot really. I’m glad to both get it finished, and to get pictures of it though.  It took much too long to knit, and much of the time I felt rather ambivalent about the whole thing, so getting it finsihed seemed like a bit accomplishment for me – much bigger than knitting a cardigan almost entirely in garter stitch should be!

The pattern is from New England Knits which I reviewed last year, and it called the Greenfield Cardigan.   I adore the pattern and so wish I had knit it in nicer yarn.  I’ve definitely learnt my lesson and intend to be a yarn snob from now no. Well, maybe not that bad, but essentially, knitting this in Cleckheaton Country Silk DK was never that great of an idea. The girls from knitting night have heard me wonder, whinge and generally moan about my yarn choice. I knit a good chunk of it in September/October last year and then set it aside, trying to decide if I should rip it back.  When I picked it up again in December, I was pleasantly surprised to find the body (measured from the underarms) was already 8 inches, and thus I thought I may as well keep knitting.  It allowed me to knit up all the rest of the balls I had bought for this, and get rid of it! I think I’ll be glad I did come wintertime as I do love the layering effect of cardigans.

You can see from the detail shot above the real flecky-ness of the yarn. I must have been a little naive in the shop, because I didn’t realise how prominent it would be, and this is my chief complaint. In reality the yarn is soft, and quite cosy. It’s nice to knit with, and a knitting night girl who has knit a child’s garment with it assures me it washes well too.  I guess time will tell.   It doesn’t show the cute leaf detail to its best advantage though, which is a shame.

I haven’t any complaints about the pattern – except perhaps that I’d forgotten how incredibly slowly garter stitch grows! These were long rows to knit, as the garment is knit all in one from the top down.  And then of course you’ve got to knit and purl the sleeves in the round… The lazy in me objects.  But that’s not the pattern’s fault – I’m delighted with the ease of knitting, the instructions, pattern layout, photos and everything else about the pattern. It’s just *my* choices (and attitudes) that were at fault.

So, if you want a gorgeous Greenfield Cardigan, I’d suggest you choose a yarn closer to the designer’s suggestion… or do what some clever people did on Ravelry and knit it in Madeline Tosh DK – yum!!


2 Responses to “So, last year…”

  1. 1 Sara February 18, 2011 at 12:45 am

    Thanks for the advice. This is a pattern I intend to knit…one day.

  2. 2 Sharonnz February 18, 2011 at 9:06 am

    I don’t mind the fleck, Sheryl. I think it gives a lift to all that garter stitch. Love it!

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