Little Butterflies

The teaser photo I posted last week of a gorgeous Little Butterflies cardigan can now be enlarged on… Although for some reason my girl was less than enthusiastic about photos this evening. I think she was just tired – she does adore this cardigan.

This lovely pattern is in testing at the moment and slated for release in Mid-April. It is designed by the lovely Tikki, and as is the case with her other patterns, this is a joy to knit.  Knit in one piece from the top down, it is constructed well and the size is adaptable to add extra length if and when needed.  I knit mine exactly to the pattern, but knit the size 5 for Miss 4.5, because this matched her chest size.  It is long-ish on her (not as long as it looks as that’s a very short dress!)  and should last really well. 

The materials I used are: Yarn from Madelinetosh, it is the DK weight yarn, in the Wood Violet colourway. I used two full skeins, and the tiniest smidge of a third, which I used just to knit the pocket linings. (Did I mention the clever pocket contruction used in the pattern? Very neat!)  You might recall this post from last year when I recieved my order.  I ended up holding on to it (and my crown as Queen of Procrastination). I used the three skeins on the left – the lightest one at the top, including the sleeves, and then I striped it in two row blocks with the next lightest yarn until I ran out of the original colour.  The middle skein (and very noticeably the darkest one) was the one used for the pocket linings.  The end result is very acceptable. And oh so soft and snuggly.

The buttons are from the lovely Nicci at Buttons by Benji.  She’s recently reopened her website for orders following a break after the Christchurch earthquakes.  These are the ‘Fabulous Flowers’.  And Miss 4 really does love them. I tried to steer her towards some purple buttons but there was no changing her mind!

And of course when you have one small girl with a new cardigan, it makes the *other* small girl want a new cardigan. I love the ignorance that comes from being Two.  Asking “where’s mine” is a simple question, but it comes with the expectation of having a cardigan instantly appear.  It took a little longer than an instant (maybe 5 days in fact). But now she has her own new Madelinetosh cardigan too.

This is the Madelinetosh Vintage, a worsted weight yarn.  And, one of the coolest things about the Little Butterflies pattern is that everything is provided for you to work out how to knit it in any weight yarn.  I was able to use the chart provided, and based on my gauge swatch, knit this perfectly fitting version for Miss 2.  I, again, based it on her chest, which is 18 months size, and I knit it a little longer – the 2 year size, since she is older.   I used 170g all up for this size. 

The colour I used is Dahlia.  I gave Miss 2 the choice of colours, and she chose this. It is a rather dark colourway – not typically ‘kiddy’.  The gorgeous buttons, again from Buttons by Benji, lighten it up and make it really fun. 

I’m really excited about this pattern – I’ll update you when it’s released 🙂


6 Responses to “Little Butterflies”

  1. 1 Caffeine Girl March 31, 2011 at 11:52 pm

    That is a darling pattern. And any pattern is enhanced by MadTosh!

  2. 2 pippa April 2, 2011 at 7:29 pm

    OOO pretty! And I love that Dahlia colour. Scrummy.

  3. 3 tikki April 3, 2011 at 10:33 pm

    ooh they are both so so very very gorgeous, Sheryl!!
    And yes totally enhanced by beuatiful yarn selection and awesome knitting skills. thank you sooooo much for being such an awesome tester!!

  4. 4 nova April 15, 2011 at 2:27 pm

    seriously cute!! and you’ve really made the freakishly mismatched skeins work nicely!

  5. 5 Denise February 12, 2013 at 3:28 pm

    Love this sweater!!! Where can I get the pattern?

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