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Little Butterflies

Tikki’s lovely pattern Little Butterflies is now up and ready for sale. I promised you I’d tell you all when it was released…

You can buy it here.


Garden City Shawl

I am delighted to show you the pattern for the Garden City Shawl, which I released on April 21st.  It can be bought separately or purchased in the e-book along with the Worsted Weight version.

Like it’s heavier cousin, this scarf is designed to use a single skein of delicious yarn. In this case it uses a skein of Wooltopia Kiama Wool/Silk blend sock yarn. But you could use any skein of sock yarn that has between 330 and 400 yards or so.  The pattern uses scales to help you decided when to move on to the next section, allowing you to get the biggest possible shawl from your yarn.

Is is also knit sideways, with the edging knit on as you go.  The shape is quite different though – a generous scoop, rather than a more traditional triangular shawl shape.  It can be worn with the scoop facing forward or to the back.

Gift Knitting #1

I’ve been knitting some secret gift knits over the past few months, and now that they have been gifted I can finally post about them.

So, for today, a lovely shawl that I gifted to my mother for her birthday.

This was the first installment from the Vintage Purls Summer Sock Yarn Club – the first time it has branched out from all sock patterns.  I loved this shawl pattern on sight, and the rich coloured yarn that was sent seemed a beautiful compliment to the pattern.

The pattern is called Connie, and although it will be exclusive to the club for now, it will be available to purchase early next year. And I really do recommend it – a lovely sideways knit shawl that allows you to use up the maximum amount of yarn from  your skein.  In fact, it does sail fairly close to the edge – I had to do 12 repeats instead of 13 on the advice of other club members… just in case.

This took about a week to knit – surprisingly long but it was an enjoyable knit.  The lace repeat was just my kind of repeat – it made perfect sense, and I knit along really happily on it.  The weather here is just starting to get chilly, so I hope this is well received and useful this season.

PS: My links won’t load up for some reason – I did intend to put them in, honest!

A lovely weekend

I’m just back from a quick weekend escape.  It was a super night away, and while I’m so tired my eyeballs may as well be hanging out, it was worth it!

The ingredients?
Take two old friends

One beach bach

Eight(ish) hours driving

Meet ups with two sisters and one family of friends

Add two small daughters

Two large chocolate easter eggs

Many, many DVDs

Homemade soup and bread rolls

Hours of talking

Many many hours of knitting

And lots of relaxation

And… well, blend all together. 

It really was as fun, and as exhausting as it sounds.

Not sure that I’d recommend watching the movie American Psycho until 2am to many people though! (Although Time Traveller’s Wife went down well. Still not as good as the book though!!

Ah, what a lovely way to start two weeks holiday 🙂

On my needles

With my pattern for the 4ply version of the Garden City off to the testers, my needles were free. What to cast on??  I had a sort through my stash, and decided I’d like to knit up the last of my Madelinetosh Tosh DK left over from Miss 4’s Little Butterflies Cardigan.  This was the last of the dark skein of Wood Violet, and I had only used a smidge (the technical, measuring term), enough to do the pocket linings.  At first I had thought I might make Miss 4 a hat from it, but then selfishness took over and I decided to knit a lovely purple Garden City scarf instead.  And I’m glad I did. It’s lovely!

I had a bit less yardage to play with, so I did one fewer repeat for the increases and worked the body of the scarf with 3 fewer stitches – it’s still plenty wide enough to snuggle into, and it allowed me a bit extra length given my shorter yardage.

I am loving this pattern – and I hope you are too! It’s been awesome to see so many sales so far – well over $200 has been raised so far, and I’m hoping that when people’s pictures of their beautiful scarves are starting to pop up that others will want to buy the pattern too.


And now, just for a change I’m working on another 4ply version of the  pattern . Why not! 

What’s on your needles today?

Garden City Scarf

I’m delighted to show you all the gorgeous new pattern that I have been working on.

I really wanted to do something to help the people of Christchurch, who are rebuilding their city and lives in the wake of February’s devastating earthquake.  So, I designed this scarf, and all proceeds from the sale of this pattern from now until the end of May will go the Red Cross in Christchurch.

I am offering it for sale via Ravelry here.

I will also be releasing a shawl version of the pattern in 4ply, which will be released on 21/4/11.  You can buy them separately, or together in an ‘e-book’.  My first attempt at trying to put an e-book together, so I’m sitting here with fingers crossed (well, kinda, cos it’s hard to type with crossed fingers…)  and hoping it all works.

 This pattern can be knit from around 225 yards/205 metres of worsted weight yarn, and uses 5mm needles.  It is the perfect use for a special snuggly skein of yarn, and would make a great knit for a gift. 

I’ll let you know how the fund-raising goes!

Things I’m Loving

It’s not hard to find lots of things to love this week!

Trains on the driveway – this one has many, many carriages.

A haircut and uniform = DS transformed!

And speaking of hairdressers – the girls enjoyed playing hairdressers. I was their victim model.

For more Things I’m Loving, head here.

And some kitchen inspiration – my first ever attempt at meringues, thanks to Sarah for the idea – worked a treat!

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