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Garden City KAL

You might recall a couple of months ago I suggested a knit along for my Garden City Scarf pattern.

I looked into how to run a knitalong, and decided that it really needed somewhere central for people to check in, to encourage one another, and to share their delicious projects.  I approached the mod of one of the Ravelry groups I am on, The Budding Designers Downunder and she agreed August would be a great month for a knitalong of the Garden City Scarf. I’m excited to invite you all to participate too, if you wish.  You can find the Budding Designers Downunder group here.  It’s an awesome group to be part of – lots of Kiwi and Aussie designers, lots of keen supporters, test knitters galore, and every month they run a great knitalong, usually with goodies up for grabs, and always good company.

Not everyone who is there is going to be knitting the Garden City Scarf though – I’m opening the KAL to any of my patterns (pay patterns or free ones), so that if you only have time for a short project you can still join in the fun. Any projects on Ravelry that are labelled BDD August KAL will be entered into the prize draw.

I’m offering some lovely yarny prizes – a skein of Madelinetosh Tosh DK in Silver Fox, a skein of Vintage Purls Sock yarn  in Rosette, and copies of my Lizette Beanie and Beret pattern as prizes too. And if that doesn’t tempt you enough, I’m offering a 25% discount on any of my patterns this month. Simply enter the code BDD KAL into the coupon box when you are purchasing on Ravelry and you will automatically enjoy a discount.

I’m looking foward to seeing lots of projects entered into the KAL, and looking foward to your company this month. I hope you can join us!


40 bags in… 40 days?

Inspired by some online friends, I am in full declutter mode at the moment.  It all began with a post suggesting we look at this blog, whereupon I read about her participation in a challenge to purge 40 bags of ‘stuff’ from your house/garage etc over a 40 day period… Intended to be over Lent (the 40 days before Easter)… but that particular boat has already sailed for this year, and I really need to declutter NOW!

So that’s what I have been doing for the past week or so.  Taking one area at a time, I’ve been working on cutting down on unnecessary clutter, as well as tidying what remains behind. These pictures aren’t exactly inspirational, but they are very pared down…

Our map collection stays, but I did recycle about 20 out of date accommodation guides and other things assorted papers from in here. I even organised all the stray wires that might have formerly been useful for the video player but no one threw out and I”m not sure if they will ever be needed again… tidied away into a takeaway container…

And the cupboard under the television looks like this…


I threw out three huge bags of video tapes from in here, as well as a bag donated to the hospice shop.  I also rationalised the playdough things, and added storage boxes for some craft things. I really need to add more in here from the other arty areas when I get to them. Give me another week or so!

I also had a good go at the kitchen cupboards. We have been looking at houses and contemplating putting our house on the market, so they’ve had a repaint inside and out (pantry is still a work in progress – the doors are off at the moment and the cupboards will get their second coat tomorrow on all the trims.)  I was appalled at the huge bag of icecream containers and lids I pulled out of one cupboard, but pleased to hand them on to a colleague at work who planned a soup making marathon for her holiday activity (we both clearly know how to live it up!)  Old bowls, pots and other items didn’t stand a chance as the ruthless new me had a go at them as well.  The result is a much tidier, much roomier cupboard under the sink.  Blissful.

I’m sure you’re getting the idea – in fact, despite the fact I’m not even a week into the challenge, I’ve already removed 27 bags of things from the house.  By the way, the ‘bags’ I am using range in size from the regular supermarket bag size to a large shopping bag (like the big Pumpkin Patch ones for example).  I’ve lost count on the number of paper recycling bags I added to the pile this week, and I’ve got four more ready to go… cardboard recycling is another biggie, and the local hospice shop is getting a good number of goodies too. It’s not ‘junk’, just not being used or needed by us any more. And it feels great to be getting rid of things too.  I even listed a bulk lot of maternity gear and it was snapped up – it’ s not left the property yet, so it’d not counted yet, but it’s been sitting there for three years unused… about time it went! 

I am so pleased to be doing this – I’ll let you know how I get on. I’ve got big plans for the next few days… Like finishing the mission I started in my son’s room today, hitting the girls’ toys, and their craft supplies too. 

If you are looking for some inspiration on this challenge, take a look here – beautiful photographs, awesome storage ideas, and I love her idea of a ‘scrapbook box’ for each child, where they can collect and store special items in one safe place.  My son now has one, not that he knows it yet!

And yes, my days have been so full of decluttering that I don’t get to pick up a knitting needle until after dinner! Goodness, who would have imagined my holidays would be like this?

Something New

(Ignoring the fact I’ve disappeared off the face of the  blogosphere for a good 4 weeks…)

I got some lovely NEW yarn, and it’s so lovely I just had to tell you about it.

Introducing Max… A new yarn from my fave NZ yarn dyer, Vintage Purls.  Max is an 8ply sock yarn- the only NZ one that I know of.  Like the VP Sock yarn, it is 75% Superwash N.Z. Merino / 25% Nylon, and it is supposed  to be knit up on 4.00mm – 5.00mm needles.  Each  100g skein has  208 metres / 227 yards, enough to knit a pair of women’s socks (I hope!)


And… a skein of a lovely semi-solid green Moritz- I’ve been all about green for some time now, and this is simply gorgeous!

Limited Edition - Moritz

You might need to stalk Vintage Purls’ website as this is all out of stock right now – maybe you can save your pennies for some. It’s simply gorgeous!

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