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FO: Jacques Cousteau Hat


While I’m on the subject of knits I’ve neglected to blog… I have a confession to make. It’s not just one or two things I’ve not blogged about… there are literally months worth of items I’ve knit that I’ve not posted on here (or on Ravelry).  Yes, I confess I’m a bad blogger… but that hasn’t stopped me knitting! So, it must be catch-up time. 

So, for today a small, relatively quick knit.  This is the lovely, and free, Jacques Cousteau hat pattern. There are so many men’s hat patterns out there. As this was for DS, I wanted something not too intricate, as I wanted him to actually *wear* the hat. But I also wanted something interesting to knit. So I chose this pattern – because while it is essentially a ribbed beanie with a fold over brim (as per the photo above), the decreases fascinated me…

One thing I love about knitting is the seemingly infinite variations you can use to create a useful object.  And so, funky crown decreases it was!

The hat pattern offers two different sizes – don’t tell DS, but I knit the ‘woman’s’ size for him.  It was 20 stitches smaller, meaning less ribbing… Ribbing isn’t my favourite stitch to be honest! The fit is fab, his head could be a whole lot fatter and it’d still fit. So it all worked out in the end.

The yarn I used was some John Q Heathered Dk yarn, which I picked up for $3 a ball at a Knitworld sale 18 months ago. I’ve had such good value from these balls of yarn – most have become hats, and I love the look that the heathered yarn gives as opposed to a flat solid colour.  It adds a little interest to what would otherwise be a plain hat too, without making it too busy for my teen to wear.  The 50g ball was not quite enough for this hat – just as well I had two.  (No yardage chicken for me on this one!)

This got lots of wear when DS did a stint as a relief newspaper delivery boy, as well on many chilly mornings. Finally, some knitting for him that he likes and wears (after he left a handknit sweater on the soccer field overnight I banished him from my knit-list).  And of course all he had to reward me for it was a few photos to blog… A good deal? I think so!


Bai Hu Baby Sweater

Months and months ago I knit this gorgeous wee baby sweater, and totally forgot to blog about it. I was just catching up on some blog reading and saw another version of this, which reminded me. So, here goes…


This is Bai Hu – Tiger of the West,  a gorgeous sweater designed by Julie Gilliver, a good online friend of mine.  This is part of the Chinatown collection, which also features the cutest wee jacket. While they are unisex, they are designed especially with boys in mind. Julie is blessed with a houseful of boys, which is great for all those knitters who are hanging out for great boy’s patterns!

My version is the newborn size, and I knit it in the softest, most gorgeous Sublime Organic Merino yarn. Of course I also managed to run out of yarn (well, I was pushing it!), so I ripped back the bottom and added some cream Sublime yarn left over from knitting teddies, and then did the sleeves with a bit more of the cream too.  I think the contrast looks sweet, which is just as well! I got the yarn on clearance from WEBS and I wasn’t keen on paying international postage for another ball!  So, it took two balls, two and a bit would have been better.

I loved the sweet wee mandarin collar (which has an fun contruction), and the sweet wee neckline detail too.

A simple, seamless knit, this was fun to make and super soft. It is long since gifted – and no doubt grown out of too! But there are always new babies coming along in my group of friends, so I’m sure that there will be more occasions to make this gorgeous wee sweater, or its jacket-cousin.

(Yes, I *know* I’m meant to be packing the house for shifting. But I am a procrastinator extraordinaire, and clearly blogging months-old knits is faaaaaar more important. That and I’ve run out of boxes!)

40 bags in 40 days update

You might recall that some time ago I posted about the 40 bags in 40 days challenge. When I posted I was about a week into the challenge and had already found and removed a massive 27 bags of things from the house. I kept busy for the rest of my holidays and beyond clearing away unused, unneeded or outgrown items.  There was excavation of wardrobes. There was a massive cull of books from my shelves (parting with books is sooo hard!). There was a much needed sort through of outgrown toys, outgrown clothing, or in my case, now much too large clothing.  By the time I was done there was not a wardrobe or storage cupboard that had not been sorted through and reorganised. 

Some finished photos…

Everyone should have decorative yarn baskets in their houses, yes?

And of course the final incentive for me doing this challenge was that we put our house on the market… buying a house with bigger storage seems like such a good idea.  Looks like we’ll be on the move very soon, so I will having to be packing all the lovely organising into boxes all ready to unpack and reorganise at the other end. Wish me luck!

Bullfrogs and Butterflies Hat Pattern

I’m super excited to be able to show you something I’ve been working on in secret lately… My latest pattern, which is actually a set of two patterns, Bullfrogs and Butterflies, two cute wee colourwork hat patterns.


I’ve been busy knitting these in two delicious types of yarn, all DK weight – my overseas current fave, Madelinetosh Tosh DK, and a locally hand dyed yarn, Red Riding Hood yarn.  (aaaargh, links *still* broken… try here….!/RedRidingHoodYarns )

I’ll show you further photos tomorrow, but I was too excited about the release not to post before I went to bed.

You can find the pattern here on Ravelry:

KAL: Last Chance for entries

A quick reminder that if you were paricipating in the Budding Designers Downunder KAL of my patterns, tonight is the last night you have to enter them in for the prize draw.

To be eligible, you must post pics of your project here. (Argh, linky things seem to be broken tonight… Try here…  ) You’ll be able to check out the stunning projects from other knitters there too. It’s been great to see so many lovely Garden City Scarves, as well as some lovely Benji beanies, and Dolce Berets too – even a gorgeous Lizette Beret in Madelinetosh  yarn too – that is one gift I’d have serious difficulty parting with!

You will also need to have a Ravery project page up to be eligible. If you’ve posted pictures to the thread on the forum, you need do no more to enter. If you didn’t, simply use the tag “BDD August KAL” and I’ll know to include you.

The prizes include five copies of my Lizette Beanie and Beret pattern, a skien of Vintage Purls sock yarn, and some scrummy MadelineTosh DK in Silver Fox.

So, if you’ve been *meaning* to get around to posting your project, hop to it!!

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