Bai Hu Baby Sweater

Months and months ago I knit this gorgeous wee baby sweater, and totally forgot to blog about it. I was just catching up on some blog reading and saw another version of this, which reminded me. So, here goes…


This is Bai Hu – Tiger of the West,  a gorgeous sweater designed by Julie Gilliver, a good online friend of mine.  This is part of the Chinatown collection, which also features the cutest wee jacket. While they are unisex, they are designed especially with boys in mind. Julie is blessed with a houseful of boys, which is great for all those knitters who are hanging out for great boy’s patterns!

My version is the newborn size, and I knit it in the softest, most gorgeous Sublime Organic Merino yarn. Of course I also managed to run out of yarn (well, I was pushing it!), so I ripped back the bottom and added some cream Sublime yarn left over from knitting teddies, and then did the sleeves with a bit more of the cream too.  I think the contrast looks sweet, which is just as well! I got the yarn on clearance from WEBS and I wasn’t keen on paying international postage for another ball!  So, it took two balls, two and a bit would have been better.

I loved the sweet wee mandarin collar (which has an fun contruction), and the sweet wee neckline detail too.

A simple, seamless knit, this was fun to make and super soft. It is long since gifted – and no doubt grown out of too! But there are always new babies coming along in my group of friends, so I’m sure that there will be more occasions to make this gorgeous wee sweater, or its jacket-cousin.

(Yes, I *know* I’m meant to be packing the house for shifting. But I am a procrastinator extraordinaire, and clearly blogging months-old knits is faaaaaar more important. That and I’ve run out of boxes!)


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