Falling off the edge of the world?

No, I haven’t fallen off the edge of the world.

More of a blogisphere disappearance. Sorry about that!

So, what have I been doing for the past month or so?

Well, we shifted house. Massive shift, great new house, marathon effort. But we now have basically twice the space we used to including a spare room, huge basement living area, internal access garage, and awesome wee office for me.

Lots and lots of gardening. My parents came to stay and help us shift, and Mum spent a solid week weeding and helping me shift plants. I’ve kept at it when I can since she left, and things are slowly taking shape. Can’t wait for a little time to pass and things to establish and spread and start to look like they do in my head!

A little knitting. Believe it or not, I actually went a whole 7 days without picking up my needles last week. Busy me!

Some painting and other house stuff – starting to get rid of the 1980s decor. It will be a massive job, but it’s worth making a start on! The budget is a bit tight at the moment so I’ll have to be patient.

Lots of parenting and enjoying the kids. We had two weeks off school, and the kids all knocked around home the whole time.

And yes, finally doing some work on my thesis. That’s what I’ve been working on in the evenings instead of knitting lately. Slow progress, but progress nonetheless.

I hope you are all well… I do have quite a few projects to catch you up on, so stay tuned and I’ll share them with you.


1 Response to “Falling off the edge of the world?”

  1. 1 Lina November 15, 2011 at 8:03 am

    Welcome back to blogland! Looking forward to seeing what you have to show us. 🙂

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