FO: Ziggy Hoodie

I was just uploading some photos when I stumbled across this picture and realised that I hadn’t posted it here – so, here goes the lovely, suggly, and very unseasonal Ziggy Hoodie. You will be pleased to know I actually finished it several months ago in the winter, rather than today, the last day of Spring!

And, where there are hoods, there are stupid hood shots.  In fact, so many that there really were not any shots *without* hood silliness. But hopefully you can see past that to the actual item in question!

So, may I present to you a Size 5 Ziggy, a beautiful hoodie by the talented Tikki.   Well, in fact, it’s not just a hoodie – the pattern has a cute wee collared version too. And it looks utterly stunning in a variegated yarn too, the zigs and zags mix it up enough to stop the dreaded pooling. Not that I did variegated… mine is in super snuggly Naturally Sensations, a with just a touch of angora to ramp up the snuggle factor. And in what better colour than pink? Got to keep the Little Miss happy!! I was delighted to use it on this, I had six 50g skeins, not really enough for an adult knit, but too many to waste. And in pink too… I’ve got less than a skein left now, which is great, a good use of the yarn.

Ziggy is knit in the round, bottom up for a change, and has raglan shaping all done with no seams.  The hood is also constructed with no seaming, and is a big hit with my girl.  There is something about hoods that I dislike – the time I take to knit them. It’s almost like they are a speedbump for me that I never quite have the momentum to get over… I think I might have been the world’s worst tester finishing this off so slowly!!

Now, this is just one of Tikki’s Ziggy patterns – there’s also a skirt, legwarmers, vest and hat in the set – you can grab the e-book with all 5 patterns in or seperately.  I’m tempted by the vest next I think!




1 Response to “FO: Ziggy Hoodie”

  1. 1 the other sarah December 1, 2011 at 10:25 am

    Aw, that is so cute! I love the little touch of fluffiness from the bunny wool.

    It is a great pattern, Zoe loves hers. Ry wants one too, but I’m also reluctant to knit another hood!

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