At our place: the garden




When we first moved into our new house in October last year, the gardens were rather weedy, not neglected exactly, just in need of some TLC. We’ve been busy trying to get them into some sort of shape since then – my mother spent a week solid weeding when we first got here, and we shifted a large number of things so I could claim the back garden for my blueberries, rhubarb and herb garden.  That has thrived there, and the roses we moved have done okay in the front garden, which is good. Other things moved forward or along, or were split up to cover some empty spaces.

When my parents in law came to stay, the first round of trimming and taking out happened – a feat repeated when my sister visited – are you sensing  a theme here?? Even our neighbour has been in on the act, removing an aging hedge between our properties, and then replanting the border. It has meant a reduction in privacy for them, but the long-term gain in better view and healthier plants will be well worth it. Our girls are rather pleased as they adore playing with their (older) girls.  Now it’s easier access. And I’m discovering it’s rather easy to pop through the garden for a cup of tea too 🙂

The weekend after the garden got replanted we also got given a huge load of mulch, so had to race out and get plants for along the driveway which we had denuded of old, ugly shrubs, falling down trees, and ancient stumps.  Looks sooo much better now.

There is heaps more to do – the veggie patch is underway but needs a huge amount more done, including finishing the boxes, and doing something about the greenhouse which blew down in the massive gale we had a few months ago. With winter approaching, there’s a lack of urgency, but it’d be great to have it all ready to go in the spring – and I’m looking forward to having the paths down so that we have less weeding and upkeep to do!

I’ll post more pictures later when we make some more changes – I’m terrible at remembering progress pictures, so often I forget ‘before’ pictures, so these will have to suffice for now!


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