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Testing 1…2…3

At the beginning of Spring, I gave myself a wee pep talk about how much test knitting I’ve been doing lately and the importance to making sure I get my own knitting list done. It worked for, ooooh, about a week. And then, well I just couldn’t resist.  I signed up for two test knits on the same day, and my Alpaka Tunic got pushed back down the list a little more.  The end results have been worth it though…

The first is a gorgeous new babydoll dress pattern – it comes with two different options for the skirt and I tried the cable option.

It was such a gorgeous pattern I decided to make another one as a present for my friend’s baby’s birthday on the weekend.

Both are made from 100PureWool, in the Izcua colourway. Each one used one skein – you can see I used more trim on one that the other – The top on Miss 2 is a 2T, the smaller is a 12 months size. I adore this pattern and highly recommend it – simple but effective. It is called the Paige Babydoll, by Rachel Evans, and will hopefully be ready for release soon  – I’ll let you know!

And the third tester I knit was for someone a bit smaller – a new addition to the family you might say…

Meet Baby, or possibly Rose… Miss 4 hasn’t quite decided on a permanent name for her. Anyway, she is the latest addition to our ‘family’, a present for her recent birthday. Baby arrived with just one set of clothes, so I leapt at the opportunity to test Tikki’s dolly verision of the Cassia pattern, so that she could have a change of clothes!  Isn’t it sweet?  I’m sure Baby is delighted with this wee dress. It took just 50g of yarn for this small size doll (Baby stands 16 inches high), and it fits a treat. 

So now it’s back to the tunic for me… It’s been growing slowly but surely, and I’m hoping it will be done in another week. Of course, hoping doesn’t get it done… knitting does. So I’ve been working on it a little bit each day, and progress is being made. Promise!


FO: Bloom


Miss 1 looks lovely in her new wee top. And so does Miss 3. (Yes, she was willing to try this on. Go figure.)


Oh and so does the newborn size dolly…


Amazing eh? I think I really confused my husband this afternoon taking these pictures of everyone in the same dress/top. But I just *had* to try out the amazing qualities of the “Bloom” that see it grow with your baby. This is the latest pattern from Aussie designer “Tikki”, and I was eagerly awaiting the pattern, having heard it came in multiple sizes and yarn weights – 4ply, 8ply and 10ply.  I had a ball of 4ply Wool Company yarn in Raspberry that I would be perfect. What I hadn’t realised was that each size has the same number of stitches exactly, it is just be changing needle size and gauge that the sizes varied. Clever, eh.  It  did leave me with a little problem though, as this size is meant to fit newborn to 12 months. But the pattern features Tikki’s daughter Lily who is nearly 4 wearing the 4 ply version, so I figured my petite nearly 17 month old would still get lots of wear out of this. And I think we now know just how much…


Yes, I think it might end up being first up best dressed around our place!

So what are the magic elements to this pattern? It is knit in the round top down, so no seaming 🙂 The bodice is 1×1 rib which looks so teensy tiny – you can see it doesn’t stretch at all on the newborn dolls. Then there is a lovely increase which sits beautifully over Miss 1’s budda belly, and stretches out flat across Miss 3’s chest.  Clever.  Then the skirt is worked straight in a lace pattern, before heading to a more detailed border. I started to worry about running out of yarn – I had maybe 2-3 metres left when I cast off.


While I enjoyed knitting this, it isn’t an idle knit once the rib is done – I needed to have a good amount of concentration for counting out the lace pattern. Of course I am not a natural lace knitter, so people who love lace will find this a complete doddle. And I cannot recommend this pattern highly enough when you consider it covers age newborn through to approximately 8 years. It would be terrific if you wanted to knit a gift for a girl whose measurements you don’t know, and you are guaranteed that the wearer will get lots of use from it.


Even if they *do* run away from the photoshoot.

The productivity continues

As promised, I have been knitting lovely little things, and have some finished items to show you.  Last week you might recall I knit a cute wee baby doll dress for Miss Almost One’s birthday. I put my plan of another one for her into action and came up with this cutie:

RiscPCspring 002

I was pleased that I had enough of the pink yarn to do the lace at the bottom this time, I think it finishes the dress off beautifully. And I was pleased to use up the green yarn too. I dyed it last year for the first yarn swap I was involved in – I dyed up twice as much as I needed and kept half for myself. Since then it’s been sitting around looking pretty but not much else. I still have some left, but my yarn loving youngster has unraveled the ball, so I’m not sure *how* much there is.

Anyway, it’s so cute I think it deserves a close up.

RiscPCspring 003

And so does the lace panel – I love the way it makes the row above it in green look like it’s doing lacey things too 🙂

RiscPCspring 004

Ah, but I didn’t stop at one, nooo!  I am so behind in my gift knitting, I figured since I was on a roll I should keep going. So, for a beautiful young lady, now three weeks old…

RiscPCspring 001

Yep, a teeny tiny newborn size baby doll dress!  The idea for the colourwork came from my friend Christine’s tester (Rav link) but I left off the ribbon as I didn’t think the colour would be easy to match, and didn’t want to have an excuse not to finish it!

I was hoping to gift it last night but baby and her mum didn’t come to our knitting night, so I will have to be patient (and/orleave the house, I’m staying out of the rain right now). I hope she likes it though!

Little Things

I cast off and blocked my NaKniSweMoDo #8 earlier this week – photos etc to come – and I haven’t cast on another sweater to knit. I’ve decided to take a break from knitting big things for a while. I have quite the list of things that need knitting, and and equally long list of things that I want to knit. So, expect a flurry of FO posts over the next wee while.

And here’s the first of them.

Picture 2228

Miss 11 months celebrates her first birthday in less than two weeks.  I can’t really justify buying her a new outfit – she still fits size 6-12 month clothing and has lots of lovely things to grow into as well. But a new handknit, well of course!

From diving into the stash on Sunday night, and gave Dh three colour choices.  So, blame him if you don’t like the combo! I completed most the knitting by Monday afternoon. The pattern has a cute lace trim in to match the bodice contrast, but I used all 50 grams for the bodice. So, I went shopping Tuesday morning only to discover neither shop that stocks the right yarn had any. Sigh.

So, back to the drawing board. I decided to do a picot cast off – I worked two increase stitches and 4 cast off stitches. Bah, it took a whole hour to do it!  Just as well it’s cute 🙂

Picture 2226

So, vital statistics:

Pattern: Kaia Babydoll from my lovely friend Rachel over at Crafty Wee Wifey.

Size: 9 months. I think that it’s a bit big even so. Shoulders are a bit roomy.

Yarns: 50g Cleckheaton Country

60g (at a guess) of The Wool Company Utiku Perendale Multicolours in colourway Sunset

Needles: 6mm for top (Dk weight yarn held double) and 4mm for the body. I used my Knitpicks Harmonys for the bodice and addi 40cm circ for the body.

Picture 2233

Love this pattern – one of the other colour combinations I had picked out will be getting knit up too.  And I am contemplating a third one as a baby gift as well. You can’t get too much of a good thing, eh!

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