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FO: Groveland Satchel

One of the last finished projects of 2010 was this satchel for my sister’s christmas gift.  When she had been staying with me earlier in the year she had mentioned that she liked knitted bags. We spent quite a bit of time on Ravelry looking at patterns. But by the time Christmas was coming closer, I’d totally forgotten which pattern she preferred. So, I knit up this cute Groveland Satchel, which you can find in New England Knits.  It wasn’t the first pattern I started from this book, but it was the first completed. Not the only complete thing now – keep watching this space!!

The satchel is a nice size and shape, more like a messenger bag.  plenty of depth for outings, but not too large. I knit my version in Cleckheaton Country 12 ply, which was from my stash. I used 6 balls (I think).  The bag is knit in three pieces and seamed together for strength.  I knit the front first, which has a cable and bobble pattern. I can’t recall the last time I made bobbles, but they really are  a cinch.  The pattern called for the back to be patterned too.  But I really did want the present to be ready in time to be posted, so I knit it in stocking stitch.  The bottom, side and handle are knit in one piece- first in linen stitch, then stocking stitch for the handle, and then linen stitch again.  It was nearly as long as I am tall when it was done!    Part of an evening saw it seamed nicely. Then I popped it in the machine to felt.

And then again. And again.

Guess who forgot to check the label on the yarn??

Oh cripes. 

After three goes in the machine it was waaaay past midnight. I threw the bag into the hot water cupboard to dry and hoped for the best.  The next day I put in in the dryer for a few ten minute blasts. When it was done, it matched the pattern specifications exactly. Phew! Time to sew a lining!

I sewed the lining from my very small stash of Amy Butler fabric. What else is it for if not for using? I love this fabric, and it took most of what I had just to sew the lining – I had hoped to have enough left for a pocket but it was not to be.  After machine sewing the lining in once slightly unsatisfactorily, I unpicked it and sewed it in again. I added two vintage buttons from my button jar, and then it was quickly wrapped to be sent away.

I really enjoyed knitting this – it took me out of a knitting rut in a way. I seem to be knitting so many sweaters, socks and hats, so it was a lovely change. It’s also quite satisfying to take things from three different stashes and make something cute and useful from them.  Such a great project to end the year on!


Amy overload

As promised, I spent the day in front of my sewing machine today finishing the third library bag, and working with my gorgeous Amy Butler Nigella fabric.

So, a book bag for Miss 1 to match the ones I made for Miss 3 and I. 

The second thing I worked on today was a bag to hold my swift. It was made by a friend’s father, and had been stored in the brown paper wrapper it arrived in, until it fell apart. I cut this out months ago, and then did nothing more. I had decided it needed a pocket but wasn’t sure how I would make it. Today it was a doddle, as I realised a full width pocket would be sewn in with the seams. With a small flap for the top, and a bit of contrasting binding, it was done.  The pocket will store the dowels easily and closes with a snap. I totally love my snap press, it is so much easier than trying to get my machine to produce a passable buttonhole!  Then it was a matter to whipping up a lining and side seams, and making a casing for the ribbon closure.  Ah, yet another bit of Amy loveliness to sit around being useful and pretty.

I had enough left overs to make myself a beautiful work in progress bag too.

And speaking of left overs, I played around with them too, and made three more slightly smaller work in progress bags – the one of on the right is the smallest and would be perfect for a sock knitter.  These need rehoming, as a girl doesn’t need *quite* this many beautiful bags.

And now all I am left with from two yards of beautiful fabric is this:

Oh, and a floor desperately in need of vacuuming.   What fun it was to spend a whole day sewing. I can’t remember the last time I did. But for now, I had better pick up those knitting needles!

Some sewing at last!

I’ve been busy at the sewing machine over the past few days, making the most of some pretty fabric and finishing off the work in progress bags I have orders for plus a few more.  I have also been working on an outfit each for the girls, although the fact they are incomplete didn’t stop me from working on something entirely different today.

Inspired by our library visit today, I took the opportunity to (finally) cut out the second and third library bags I got the fabric for several months ago.  I got one done too – it was one of those magic days where both girls slept and slept.  This bag is for me, I adore the fabric, and have enough to make myself a WIP bag which will be made tomorrow, as there is no time like the present!

Like the other library bag, I used a pattern made from an old cloth bag we had worn out, which I cut apart.  I added a patchwork panel and contrast of my own design.  The fabric is some lovely decorator weight Amy Bulter from her Nigella range. I totally adore it and am glad I have made something ‘useful’ from it. I love having the library books stored in the bags, as they girls books stay in them between visits, so I have an excuse for the bags staying out looking pretty all the time. 

We visit the library fortnightly on a Sunday, and today was our library day.  A while ago, a friend’s husband was bemoaning to me the pathetic collection of fly fishing books in the library and I pointed out that the section was approximately four times larger than the knitting section. It seems in recent months they have actually been buying some new knitting books though. I was able to get out these good old stitch dictionaries, as well as two new additions.

I have borrowed the Simply Baby book before, in fact the lovely knitted teddies I made were sourced from this book, and while I might not *use* any patterns from either book, it is lovely to flick through the patterns and admire them. 

I can see the days ahead taking shape – lots of finishing projects, secret Christmas knitting, and enjoying the spring sunshine before my marking contract tears me away from my life of leisure.

Our Getaway

As promised, some pictures of our escape to the country.

Picture 2532

We rented a picturesque bach for two nights, right in the middle of nowhere. Bliss. Plenty of room to romp around…

Picture 2533

And plenty of time to do it.

The wee cottage had lots of lovely wee touches and treasures inside.

Picture 2539Picture 2540

Front door key, outdoor toilet means a chamber pot got use in the old days – not exercised during our visit!

Delicious new season’s lemons off the tree, the cottage still has its original orchard including a massive unkempt looking kiwifruit vine.

Picture 2547

Picture 2548


A cosy space to knit and read.






Picture 2536Miss almost 3 found a convenient handle to hang this wee bag on. Last week’s sewing binge resulted in a batch of project bags, and she nabbed this one to stow her trains in.







Picture 2529And speaking of Miss almost 3… she’s taken to dressing herself. Can you tell?   Here she is admiring the awesome moss. Granddaughter of two biologists, it’s hardly surprising, eh!

Retro Bag

My lovely friend Annie had a birthday this week. What Ic all a ’round birthday’ – the once a decade kind… And she chose to bring her family to celebrate in our neck of the woods – she lives about 4 hours away. So, I wanted to make her something special for her big day.  After a bit of thought, I figured she could probably do with a knitting bag – who doesn’t love a knitting bag!


If the fabric looks familiar, that would be because I decided to try to make the present from stash.  Yep, that’s *more* leftover curtain fabric! Made entirely from curtain fabric, it’s huge – 14 inches high and wide, it’s got two big pockets inside, one lined with useful wee pockets to hold needles, yarn, scissors or whatever.  There is more than enough room for a big project as well as your purse, nappies or whatever else you need for a day out. It is all padded with my good old woollen blanket (again!) too.


Now, I made this without a pattern – not something I would recommend! I hit a few hurdles along the way, but got there in the end. The biggest laugh a watcher would have had would be when I was trying to work out how to put the inside and outsides together – I swear I tried it about 8 different ways before deciding I had it right.  Thank goodness I did!!

When it came to wrapping it up, I had a bit more time, so made some wee stitch markers (also from stash) and added some scrummy bamboo yarn and a delicious hand-made soap (not made by me, from a craft fair).


And then I discovered I had no birthday wrap and had to wrap the lot in Christmas paper. 

I had to laugh when we got together today and discovered her other pressie was also wrapped in Christmas wrap 🙂

We had an awesome lunch together, an afternoon chatting and playing with the kids, and then dinner together too. ‘Twas lovely to see you my friend. Happy Birthday 🙂

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