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Hey there cupcake

It’s celebration season at our house at the moment. We have a birthday each month from now until August – with Miss 3 the final birthday – so it’s a bit of a countdown for her!

One big event that has been much anticipated has been Miss 1 graduating to “Centre 2” at preschool. She started there officially today after some weeks of transition. This centre is for two year olds, and she’s one step closer to joining her sister in the coveted “Centre 3”. This morning she took in a special morning tea to share with her little friends in Centre 1. 

My friend Neak is the cupcake queen – so I got a little advice from her about recipes and icing and off I went to try to make some cupcakes presentable enough for public consumption. Aren’t they cute?


Easter Treats

Good Friday marked the end of the teaching term for me and DH. So our household is feeling a bit more lighthearted than on a usual long weekend. The girls and I got busy in the kitchen making a batch of Hot Cross Buns this morning. Miss 1 crashed for a massive nap before she got to shape any. Miss 3 made up for it though 🙂

 See how flour covered Miss 3 is at this point!! 

And when they were both tucked up safely for their naps (yay for tired girls who take loooong naps!) I was able to make these cute wee Easter Baskets for the girls. (I resisted the urge to make one for DS, who really wouldn’t appreciate one!)

I found a link to a tutorial for these bags on a forum I frequent, and was inspired to make them as I knew I could whip them up from stash.  All you need is about 15×8 inches of felt, a few buttons, and some contrasting or complementary felt to make the flowers from. My felt wasn’t quite the right dimensions, but I figured that the girls won’t be getting a huge haul of eggs to stash in them, so size wouldn’t matter too much!

Making the handles out of a different colour felt helped too 🙂  I love the vintage buttons from my button stash too. Too cute!

I suspect Miss 3 will snaffle this spotty one because it has pink flowers.

Which means Miss 1 will get this red number. You can see the seam details in these pictures – the are sewn on the right side and seams trimmed with pinking shears when they are done – a lovely idea to finish felt nicely.

We are looking forward to more enjoyable family time over the next few days. DS goes away early next week to stay with his grandparents so we are trying to enjoy these special days while we can. I hope that you and your families enjoy a blessed Easter season.

Better than the bakery

When there’s marking to be done, there’s procrastination to be done too 🙂  Today’s procrastination is brought to you by the letter B.

B is for bread rolls.

B is for breadmaker.

B is for beautiful.

Mmmm. So, I had lunch a little late today because I was so busy focusing on marking I didn’t think to procrastinate until it was nearly too late…

But my mind started to wander to delicious things to eat, and eventually settled on making some yummy bread rolly things.

So, I will share the recipe I used with you with this word of warning: these are incredibly moreish. You might make an utter pig of yourself without even noticing.  My children all spied them within 20 seconds of entering the house. My husband took a little longer as they were in storage by the time he arrived home – maybe two minutes.  Yes, these are delicous.

Annnyway, I have a breadmaker which I use almost exclusively for making dough for rolls or pizza bases of focaccia. The dough recipe I used today is my favourite one, and was given to me by my mother – traditionally this is what we used to make bread rolls by hand when we were growing up 🙂 But I’ve put it in the larger quantities I use for my large breadmaker pan. And because we are such bread piglets!

4 t yeast (I use Surebake yeast)

600g high grade flour

1.5 t salt

2t sugar

4 T milk powder

50g butter

450ml warm water

Place the ingredients in the given order into the breadmaker pan, put on dough setting, and then roll out into a long rectangle. 

I made them with basil pesto, ham and mozzarella by spreading about 2-3T pesto over the whole lot, keeping 2cm from long edges. Ham – only for half since DH is veg, and about 3/4 – 1 C cheese sprinkled over the rest. You don’t need heaps, they will just melt and stick to the tray if you do.

Cut into slices and put on oven tray to rise. I usually put them in an oven I put on 50 degrees and then turned off, for about 20 minutes, then take them out and heat oven to 210 degrees, and  put them in when the oven is ready, then cook for 10-12 minutes.

Now the difficult part: wait until they are cool enough to eat or you’ll regret it!

And, if you are planning to blog about it, make sure you keep everyone away until *after* you’ve taken pics!

Yes, I do believe they are better than you get from the bakery, even if it’s because you can afford to eat two… or three… or more…

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