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Birthday time

Things have been on the busy side around here the last week or so. Miss 2 is no longer Miss 2… Welcome to Miss 3!


We had planned to celebrate her birthday a little early last weekend, but she came down with a random fever the day before and has to postphone.  The day dawned rainy and cloudy today so I was delighted that we had booked an indoor venue with plenty of space for the kids to run around. We hired out the local YMCA’s Kindygym, which was great fun for everyone.  The birthday girl particularly enjoyed the rings…


It was lovely going to a venue that wasn’t ‘home’ – we get a lot of rain at this time of year and the odds were that it would rain. A small house filled to the brim with kiddies and their parents didn’t much appeal, so it was awesome to see them all with room to spread out and have fun.

Miss 3 didn’t have many ideas as to what she wanted for her cake. The only request was ‘green’.  Given green is her favourite colour, it’s not surprising… but she didn’t give me any clues. So I decided to go for this fairy theme.

It seemed to meet with her approval too, which is good!

A good time was had by all. And of course we have to do it all again next month for DS, and then again the next month for Miss 4… Busy times in these parts!

One thing I have been wondering is what you all do for your birthday cakes? I ended up buying an Edmonds Buttercake mix as I wanted something lighter than I seem able to produce. What are your favourite/most successful cake recipes for a reasonable size cake?


FO for WIP

My beautiful baby turned one yesterday!

From this…


to this…


Picture 2316

It has been a good year too – what a change to have a baby who sleeps during the day (but not so much at night). She has an amazing disposition, and – like many third children I suspect – just fits right on in…

We celebrated her first year with a smallish party at our place – the winter rain has set in here, so we didn’t want too many small people squished into our wee house. As it turned out, the sun came out and the kids all piled outside to enjoy swings and the trampoline.  Our wee lass was feeling a little under the weather but managed to party until the last guests left.

And as you can see, she wore neither of her babydoll dresses. After knitting the Milo for a pressie the other day, I decided a ball of red tekapo yarn would make a perfect for a Milo for little miss. Finished on the morning of her birthday ( I hid in the bedroom casting off just so it got done), I am really pleased with it – so much so that a really good FO pic will have to wait for another day as she’s wearing it in bed for her nap as I type.  I decided on the owl cable, which is really cute, but needs some buttons for eyes to really pop I think.

Her first birthday has caused us to reminsce about her arrival, and how lovely it was to welcome her into the world here at home.  What a wee blessing she is.

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