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FO: Colour Me Pretty Hats

Winter’s coming!  Must be time for new hats.

Well, it’s Autumn anyway, and you know that I’m a total hat addict, any excuse for a hat knit… And while knitting a hat is fun, knitting two is better.

Hard to believe, but these two cute Colour Me Pretty hats are my first time knitting any of Elena Nodel’s gorgeous patterns. Surprising mostly because she designs gorgeous patterns, mostly for little girls. And I do love to knit for my girls! I have quite a few on my want list for this winter, and I have serious difficulties deciding which ones I love the best. I think Paprika might win out for the next cast on for Miss 5.

I had lots of fun knitting these hats. First up was one for Miss 5.  I made hers from some bright pink Spotlight Moda Vera DK weight yarn, with white contrast. The pattern suggests that you can use multiple colours for the different colourwork parts in the hat, with even a rainbow of colours shown in the chart. But having looked at the projects on Ravelry, I decided a simple contrast would be effective. Also I wanted to knit this from stash. I managed to get this out of one ball of yarn – just!  I had nothing at all to spare when I cast off.

**note my attempt to get a photo of Miss 5’s four missing front teeth being foiled by a cheeky tongue!**

I followed all of the instructions but I got the first bit of colourwork a little bit tight. I’m pleased to say that the rest is okay, and the second hat was fine.

Of course no sooner had I knit this than a second hat was required. In green. Some children are SO predicable!  But with no cute greens in stash, I needed a quick trip to the yarn shop… I grabbed some lovely Naturally Loyal DK in a lovely light green, which Miss 3 loves. She knew exactly what it was for when I unwrapped it. And insisted I cast on right away.


Each of the hats took 2 nights of full on chart following to knit, plus a bit more time for the easy bits. I did enjoy it despite this – I’ve rated it as Medium on Ravelry – nothing especially difficult is involved, but it does take a lot of chart following to get this done.  That said, I’d do it again if I was asked. But I am all out of small girls to knit for!  Ah well, there’s always the matching sweater I could knit…


Blogtober 15th: A winner and a loser

First up: a winner! Thanks to the help of the nice folks at Random.Org, I have drawn the winner for my blog giveway for the Amy Butler WIP bag. Congrats to Kylie, there’s an email waiting for you in  your inbox 🙂

So that’s the winner. And who is the loser? Me. 😦

Why? Well, I knitted Miss 3 a lovely wee summer apron top, Tropical Lily. And will she even so much as try it on? No. 

Am I planning on knitting her anything else right now? No.

Ah well, here’s a non-modelled pic for you.


Aside from the fact that the headstrong young missy won’t wear it, this was a fun knit.  I had my eye on knitting it last year but didn’t get around to it.  I didn’t have any 10 ply cotton in my stash, but I rectified that during the week.  Yes, more buying. I scored a 10-pack of Anchor Magicline 10 ply cotton for just $12.99, and used less than 4 balls to knit this. Plus I’m passing on the extras for a friend whose daughter will actually wear what she knits.  So, a bargain knit really, around $5 for a cute as wee summer top.

But the cotton did drive me a little crazy.  There are 4 colours that alternate, and in a predicable pattern as you can see. What you can’t tell is that some balls are wound with the colours in one order, the others go the other way. Oh, and add one join per ball and you get a lot of ends to sew in.  It seemed like a lot extra work just to get the stripes going right.

So, now I just have to wait until either Miss 3 changes her mind, or until this wee one grows a bit (excuse the fuzzy pic, she runs at the camera!)


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