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FO: Clapotis

I think it might be official. I suspect that my DH now suspects me of total madness. It is a glorious early autumn day here. We had dropped DS 11 off a a friend’s house to play (yay, he’s making new friends at his new school!) and decided to walk along the walkway and take the girls to the park. I have to admit I’d packed my claptois in the car along with my camera in case a photographic opportunity arose. And so, amongst the play and exploring over rocks, looking at ducks, discovering a new cafe along the way – but sadly not indulging – I made DH take some FO photographs. Yep, he thinks I’ve lost it!  Not content just to knit in the car, I now have new ways to humiliate him in public. And, while I thought we could have some nice pics with sea in the background, he tried to pose me against a railway bridge. Sigh. Not exactly what I had in mind dear!

So… My Clapotis.


It was knit from about 140g of handdyed Paton’s Bluebell yarn, which is a 5 ply. The yarn was part of the last yarn swap I particpated in,  blogged about here. Knit on 4mm needles (Knitpicks Harmony interchangeables)

I had a good look around Ravelry to see who had done a sock weight Clapotis before, and there were plenty of inspirational FO’s.  For mine, I decided to do the full number of repeats for increasing – and in fact ended up with 14 instead of 12 because I got a bit carried away. Instead of increasing the straight section to 14 repeats, I stuck with the 12 in the pattern as I didn’t want to run out of yarn – I had three balls, so was trying to end this section equivalent to where I’d begun it on the previous ball.  Then I did the 14 decreases and had a small amount of yarn left over – maybe 10 or 15 grams.

I like the extra width, it makes it snuggly.  And the length is good too – not so much it’s clunky. Finished size is 40cmx 110cm. Blocked. As you would have noticed from the previous post, blocking is pretty much essential for making the finished item look finished!


A friend asked me if I’d enjoyed dropping the stitches.  Oooh yes! I have to say that since you knit about a third of the pattern before you start dropping them, there is quite some anticipation that accompanies the dropping.  Well worth it for the result I think.


The Clapotis got its first proper outing last night too – Nyree invited me over to knit with her, and it was a tiny bit chilly so I thought it could come too. I am pleased to say that it survived (intact!) a slight altercation with a rather cute, overenthusiastic black lab puppy- I’d forgotten just how cool I was until she reminded me 😀  Only one of many chances to wear it I hope!




The life and times of an overcommitted knitter

I should be ecstatic. And really I am.  My second installment of the Vintage Purls Summer Sock Club arrived this week. And it’s delicious!

Take a peek at this:




But… When: will I get to it?  It seems like I might be slightly overcommitted in the knitting stakes right now.  There is…

* Slinky Ribs – body all done! (but I might want to lengthen it yet..) so sleeves and neckline to go.

* For some insane reason I thought I should start and easy knitting project – so cast on for Clapotis in my yarn swap yarn (the purple one).  While that’s all fine and well, it’s one more thing on the needles, distracting me! But it’s something I can do while doing reading for Uni if I don’t need to take notes.

* Teddy – don’t forget teddy! Every bear needs more than one paw, and I think perhaps a body should be knit some time soon too!

* And if I were completely frank, I could tell you about not one, not two, but three other projects that are on the needles. As well as a second Fargyles sock in there too. It’s no wonder I had to order more Knit Picks cables, eh!

Argh, what a slippery slope life as a knitter is at times.  But for now I console myself with this…


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