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FO: Angee Socks


The socks of temptation are done! You might remember I was *meant* to be knitting my giveaway socks, but instead I heard the siren song  of a skein of yarn from my stash. It was begging to be knit up into these lovely socks – Angee from Cookie A’s book Sock Innovations.  I loved the socks in the book so much I bought the exact same colourway to knit these in, and I am so glad I did. I absolutely love the yarn, Colinette Jitterbug in Ginger Cinnabar. Such a bright, cheerful colour, beautiful semi-solid colourway, a true delight to knit withand it will be lovely to wear. I usually knit sock yarn with a nylon content, so I am not sure how well they will wear long-term. That said, once you have more than 10 handknit pairs of socks, it’s not like they each pair will be much wear overall. Plus, I’ll need to learn how to darn socks properly eventually!

The pattern was a joy to knit – I did have to follow the chart most of the time, but it was logical and well written. Having knit a couple of patterns from the book thus far, I would have to totally recommend it. The FO’s I see on Ravelry from the book are testament to the range of interesting and challenging patterns there, some are crazy hard, some are very accessible.  This pattern is written from the top down, and I enjoyed the standard construction with slip stitch heel and gusset – there was enough going on in the pattern to keep me interested without making these in a funky way.

I was excited to see I *do* have room for a pair of handknit socks under my new shoes too 🙂

So, one less skein of yarn in the bin, and one more pair of socks in the drawer. Love, love, love these!


So, I finished a pair of socks

Okay, so maybe they need blocking before they are ‘finished’.

Oh, and not quite a pair. They are different sizes – one is a size 5, the other a size 8. 

Oh yeah, and, um, slightly differnt yarn and patterns 🙂

I think I have knitters ADHD! I would have knit sock #2 of the green pair except I couldn’t find my needle to graft the toe together. So for some reason instead of casting on #2 on my second sock needle, I cast on another sock altogether! Oh dear, there may be no hope for me! 

Sock #1 you’ve met before: Kai-Mei for my blog giveaway winner.

Sock #2 is another of Cookie A’s patterns from the Sock Innovation book, Angee.  I liked the sample in the book so much I am using the exact same yarn and colourway.  Aside from my sock clubs, I think this must be a first for me. I ordered the yarn last year and it has been calling to me from my stash – it is some Colinette Jitterbug in Ginger Cinnabar. Oh my, it is so wonderfully squishy and delicious, I am so glad I got three colourways when I ordered it! I have a blue and a purple skein to decide what to knit with now 🙂

So, while it isn’t exactly conducive to finishing Nikki’s socks, I’ve been enjoying my little project-on-the-side. Sorry Nikki, the other one is on the needles now.

The other one of both pairs that is…

Blogtober #5: Too much wordplay

Picture 3182

So, you know all about Blogtober, the one where I go on and on and on and on for the month of October, faithfully blogging away until you are well sick of me. That’s the first play on words. Fun. But it’s not all I’ve signed up for this month. Oh no. I’m fearless. Not scared of overcommittment, massive research essay due dates or anything. Not me.

I’ve signed up for Socktoberfest too.

Well, it was kind of predictable really. I do seem to have  a small obsession with hand knit socks. And sock yarn. And sock patterns.  So, a whole month celebrating hand knit socks is like a month of heaven for me. I was sure that surely someone would have rhymed October with “Socktober” and made a wee Ravelry search and came across the Socktoberfest group. It turns out that they are celebrating their fifth anniversary this year. You can find about more about it here on Lollygirls’ blog.

And what an awesome group of knitters they are! Not all are hard-core sock knitters – for some, Socktoberfest is the only time they knit socks. Some are participating in a mystery sock KAL, others have bold personal goals. And they are super easy going – want to finish WIPs? Sure! Want to knit kids socks only? Sure! Feel like crocheting socks? Great! Want to knit a pair a week? Why not!  Everyone is encouraged and the socks are celebrated.  So, if you’re a Raveller, check out the Socktoberfest group and give the knitters some encouragement and praise.

All of this fits in really well with what was on my needles and on my mind already. I noted that before we left for our trip last week, I grabbed a cake of yarn, my Cookie A sock book and a needle so that I’d have a little project for car knitting. I cast on for the popular Kai-Mei socks with my “Chlorophyll” sock yarn from Vintage Purls. The colour nearly matches the one in the book’s photograph, which was unintentional, but I am loving the depth of colour in this pair. And while I’m not the biggest fan of knitting ribbing, I had plenty of down time while travelling to fill and it really flew by. The wee pattern on the foot is super simple and I found myself working without the chart from the second repeat.

I think that they are simple but effective. Another great Cookie A pattern.


Picture 3183


Now, you all know how much Miss 3 likes her handknit socks. Do you know how much she likes mine? Here’s a clue.

Picture 3186

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