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Testing, testing

I so love getting asked to do test knits. There’s nothing like getting your hands on a brand-new, as yet unrealeased pattern, to excite the knitter within. So, when Georgie, aka Tikki, asked me if I’d like to test her latest pattern for her, I jumped at the chance. After all, I’d finished my two pairs of socks, and have no knitting committments on the horizon (unless you count me knitting something for my umpteen preggie friends due to birth beautiful babies any day/week/month now).  So, I dived into my stash and came up with the leftover Cotton Fleece from my new Leaf T-Shirt.

And this is what I knit.

Yes, the ‘as-yet-un-named’ pattern is a beautiful, simple summer singlet, knit both in the round and flat (at various stages), with no seaming, and just a few ends to sew in. The striping is courtesy of me running out of yarn. I am trying to ‘shop the stash’ this year. That is, choose yarn from my stash rather than buying something for projects. Or if  I do buy yarn, cast it on right away.
Yes, I *can* hear your sniggers from here.

But anyone can dream, eh!

But the best-laid plans of knitters being what they are, I tried to fudge the gauge a little (only one stitch out over 4 inches *surely* shouldn’t matter, I told myself). And as a result, it fits Miss 3 better than Miss 1.

And, well, if it fits her, she likes it, and she is *wearing it!!!!*, who am I to complain?

I have more 10 ply cotton, so I will likely knit another of these up once the other test knitters are starting to generate feedback and a new version of the pattern is out to testers. But who it is for remains a mystery… watch this space 🙂


Knitting Dejavu

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you might remember this


The time? Early February. The timing? Recently returned from our summer holiday. The pattern? The Leaf T-Shirt.  The yarn? Patons Smoothie DK, a lovely 50/50 cotton bamboo blend.

So why dejavu?

Well, this is what I am knitting now 🙂

Yes, another Leaf T-Shirt, this time in Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece, in Peridot.

So, perhaps I am not the most imaginative of knitters. But we are living  a busy life right now and an easy pattern appealed to me.  I am getting so much wear out of the “Red Leaf-T” I knit last year it seemed to be a great idea to knit another one. When you *buy* clothes, if you decide twelve months later that you want another one, chances are you will come up empty handed. You might be able to find one second hand, otherwise you might have to make do with one not quite the same. Goodness knows it’s happened to me enough times – by the time you decide it’s a favourite and worth buying another, they are not in stock any more. So thank goodness for knitting. I can have my identical tops, no problems!

I had thought about maybe designing another lace panel for the front, but by the time I cast on, I really just wanted to knit. So, this really will be the twin of my last year’s top.  After all, why change what works?

Blogtober 15th: A winner and a loser

First up: a winner! Thanks to the help of the nice folks at Random.Org, I have drawn the winner for my blog giveway for the Amy Butler WIP bag. Congrats to Kylie, there’s an email waiting for you in  your inbox 🙂

So that’s the winner. And who is the loser? Me. 😦

Why? Well, I knitted Miss 3 a lovely wee summer apron top, Tropical Lily. And will she even so much as try it on? No. 

Am I planning on knitting her anything else right now? No.

Ah well, here’s a non-modelled pic for you.


Aside from the fact that the headstrong young missy won’t wear it, this was a fun knit.  I had my eye on knitting it last year but didn’t get around to it.  I didn’t have any 10 ply cotton in my stash, but I rectified that during the week.  Yes, more buying. I scored a 10-pack of Anchor Magicline 10 ply cotton for just $12.99, and used less than 4 balls to knit this. Plus I’m passing on the extras for a friend whose daughter will actually wear what she knits.  So, a bargain knit really, around $5 for a cute as wee summer top.

But the cotton did drive me a little crazy.  There are 4 colours that alternate, and in a predicable pattern as you can see. What you can’t tell is that some balls are wound with the colours in one order, the others go the other way. Oh, and add one join per ball and you get a lot of ends to sew in.  It seemed like a lot extra work just to get the stripes going right.

So, now I just have to wait until either Miss 3 changes her mind, or until this wee one grows a bit (excuse the fuzzy pic, she runs at the camera!)


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